Thursday, February 4, 2010

2D Hottie Spotlight: Raven

For The Month of February I'll be posting my thought on characters (the current header should give you some clues) from various TV and Anime series.

Today's 2D Hottie Spotlight is Raven From DC comics animated series: Teen Titans.

Raven is member of the superhero team: Teen Titans
She is half-demon and half human who has the powers of Telekinesis/levitation, teleportation, and some measure of empathic and healing abilities; also able to project a "soul self". Because of her demon father, she has to always keep her emotions in check, otherwise she could bring an end to the world.

With this burden she is forced to carry, she has to often mediate and can rarely express her emotions. She's calm, composed and sometimes a bit unemotional, though she has her sarcastic comments from time to time
(which I like since, I think it's called "Sarcastic Humor" ).
When I first started watching the series on TV when it used to air on Cartoon Network, I really liked it and I became a fan it. But one of it's characters I really liked: Raven.
One of the first things that attracted me to the character were her powers. I mean, being able to levitate stuff is really cool (it's like the Force!). Then there's her outfit, her cloak makes her look mysterious, while her leotard shows her femininity,and of her accessories match rather nicely. Also her grey skin and purple hair show that she's not a regular human like everyone else.
Of course I like her character herself, she seems to be mature for her age (like an older sister) and she's smart too, besides her other unique qualities.

One thing that did bother me was that she was "half-demon" because demons are supposed to be evil and are not capable of being good since they rebelled against God.
Also I don't really like demons either. But her human-side does show as she goes against her demonic nature and her destiny to destroy the world.
I guess like us, even though we are born in sin and to sin, we can go against our sinful nature and be good.
We all have a darkside, but we can overcome it with good!
...Ok, enough theology.

When I first started drawing "real" FanArt was when I was into Teen Titans and Raven was one that I drew the most.
Before I go any further I want to clarify what I mean by "real" FanArt:
I've drawn and doodled stuff like STAR WARS,GI-Joe, and whatever else I was into since I was really young. But the difference between that and my "real" FanArt was that I would try my hardest to draw the character as they appeared on the show, looking all across the web for ScreenShots,Character Models,Designs, and whatever else I could find that would help me to draw them accurately. I even joined a Teen Titans fourm (though I didn't really post much) and I even wrote my first FanFiction (that i never finished or posted online).
I would have to say that Teen Titans animated series is also what got me inspired to draw my own anime art because even though it wasn't really anime (in most people's eyes anyway) and after that I slowly got me interested in anime.
But that's a story for another time...

Even though she's not featured in my header (couldn't find the right picture), she's one of my favorite characters from Teen Titans.

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  1. i am very suprised about your theory about raven, and i really like your article.i was also once a fan of her and probably many other people, but how the way you expresd yourself i know that you are quiet a raven fan...;) hope you enjoy what you do and have fun!!

  2. i love her so much can you put more pic of her