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Fracture Review

Welcome to my Review of Lucas Arts' Video Game:

What's Fracture?
Fracture is the act or process of breaking or the state of being broken; especially : the breaking of hard tissue (as bone).
...Oops, you probably want to read about the game not the Webster's meaning of it.
Well, it's Lucas Arts terrain changing,futuristic,3rd person shooter that was released in 2008.
I just got it this Christmas for a good price. ;)
You play as commando of the Atlantic Alliance (the good guys who use cybernetic enhancements) and fight against the Pacificans (the bad guys who use genetic engineering) in a Futuristic American Civil War that has spread across the world.

The graphics are very nice and meet todays' standards when it comes to good graphics in next gen video game consoles and the characters and environments are nicely detailed. Some levels were really dark and it was kind of hard to see what you were doing.

The voice acting was good, though the bad guys said some pretty stupid stuff like:
"Where'd you go!?" and I'm right behind a barrier I just made between us. :P Some people didn't like that the Bad Guys sounded the same, but it didn't bother me considering bad guy troopers usually have the same voice anyway.
It's sound effects were good.
The music was alright, it fit mood of the game.

It's easy to pick up and play.
Being able to use Terrain Deformation is pretty handy if you need cover from enemy fire or want to make a trench but isn't something you have to use all the time, though can if you like. As for me, I've used it when if felt I needed to. Like squishing my enemies into the ceiling.

There aren't really that many characters in the game. I'm not talking about having different enemies types, I mean like main characters.
There's four main characters.
All of which are pretty much stereotypes. You have the Eye-Patch Tough Guy General,The Evil Scientist, The Damsel in Distress who can communicate telepathically like a dolphin (which is actually the unique thing about her),and of course You're the gruf,crew-cut Commando that has been seen in many video game before.
It doesn't take too much away, but it would have really drew you into the Story.

If you remember my review of "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" there was one thing that really disappointed me.It was too short.
Like that game is one here is way too short. I beat it in five days.
While I was playing I could see the end coming near and I hoped I was wrong, but I was not.
Both games were made by Lucas Art and this one was made after "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed". I hope this does not become a habit of their's because $60.00 a game you want to get more then 24hrs of game play.

Besides your gun that you shot at your enemies and use to change terrain there are also other weapons like: sniper rifles,gernade launchers,bombs,and a bunch others which add to the gameplay experience.


The story is good,but like I said above the characters and the length drag it down a little bit.

Weapons Test
It's a good place to practice and try out some of the weapons.

I'm not sure since my Xbox360 isn't hooked up to the internet so I can't really comment on that.

Other Features

Terrain Deformation
I talked about this under "gameplay" already.
Though one thing I'll add is that there are also Terrain Deformation Weapons like bombs that make the ground go up,make pillars,ditches, etc...

Just one (I guess), a new skin.
I just went GameFaqs to find out.
Though there are Achievements that every XBOX360 Game has.


You're fighting in a war where you shoot your enemies with a gun and Terrain Deformation weapons, so there is a violence but nothing bloody and nobody's losin' any limbs.
Sexual Content
I thing there might be a kiss in the end of the game by the player and the girl.
Other than that, Nothing.


Rent It or Get It Cheap
Try it out first or you can buy it if is on sale (like I did).
I don't regret buying it, but If I paid full price for it, I think I'd be pretty angry.
If these are the kind of games you're into and you find it at a good price, I say GO FOR MAN!

Age to Play
It's rated T-For-Teen by the ESRB which means 13 and up, I would recommend you just go by the rating.


It's not perfect,it not the greatest,but it is fun and that's what games are all about.
Unless it's one of those learning games the make for preschoolers.
The graphics are good and so is game play.
I give this game an 8 out of 10 score.

Hope you all liked my Fracture review.

Post you thoughts in the comment section.


See Ya Later!

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