Thursday, February 11, 2010

2D Hottie Spot Light: C2

Today's 2D Hottie Spot Light is CC (or C2) from the anime series: Code Geass
After being found by an exiled prince of Britannia named Lelouch Lamperouge, she grants him the power of the mind-controling Geass in exchange for saving her life after being kidnapped by Area 11 (Japanese) rebels who believed they stole a deadly gas from the Britannian Army. She would become Lelouch's ally and go on to help him in his quest to overthrow Britannian Empire.
Even though she looks like a teenager, she's actually immortal and probably lived many years before meeting Lelouch.
Looks can be deceiving you know.
But because of her immortality, she has become withdrawn from the world and lonely though she tries to hide it from people.
She's a girl who doesn't care what anyone thinks and does whatever she wants ,even if it's at another's expense.
She's also quite mysterious, telling just enough to keep one wondering.
Her love for "Pizza Hut" pizza never ceases to amaze me. Though it's said "One can't live on bread alone." I bet she'd argue with that, considering she's has a pretty good body for just eating pizza. ;)
              C2 is kinda like Ryuk from the anime series: Death Note
Of course, she looks a lot less scary and she's not a Shinigami .

But what I mean is that she sometimes stands on the sidelines watching the events unfold before her wondering what will happen next. She often wonders what Lelouch's next move will be or how he'll get out of a sticky situation. 
She's one of my favorite characters from Code Geass because of hers looks,personality,and depth.

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