Saturday, February 20, 2010

Aftermath of my Little Cousin's Birthday Bash

Sadly I can't tell you how the whole party went last night (though I heard it was good) since we (my mom and I) got there a little late because my mom lost her keys so we ended up searching for them everywhere for like 40 minutes.

You wouldn't believe where found them.
In my cousin's gift bag...-_-'
But thankfully we made it just in time for cake!:D
I got to see my family,see some of my friends I hadn't seen in a while,and meet some nice people.

After my older cousin got my uncle off the computer, My mom and I read my last blog post to Katie and to a few of her friends that stood by. It was really something from the heart and I think she really appreciated it.
Also, I think she liked that I gave her some publicity.
Don't worry, we gave her nice gifts too. : )
So all-in-all, I think I was a good night and I think she had a "Sweet" 16th Birthday.
Sniff, they grow up so fast...

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