Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas and Merry Brickmas!

I almost forgot to post this but my mom reminded me.
This is a little something I made with one of those thing you would put sand in, but I put in see-through bricks in it instead.

Hope you all like it.

Merry Brickmas.

Oh Brickmas Tree, Oh Brickmas Tree, How delicate are thy pieces!
Fa La La La Fa La La La Laaaa!

Merry Christmas!

Today is the day when Christ the Lord was born and is the reason for the season.With out Him there would be no Christmas. :)

So Hello there and Welcome to the 2nd Day-!
Merry Christmas!!!!

These are pictures of Christy Cringle, she's the Holiday Girl of Christmas.
She's part of my Holiday Girls Series that I started in 2007 on 4th of July.
See how she's grown over the years.
Sniff! They grow up so fast. T~T
Enjoy the pictures below.

Christy Cringle 2007

Date: Dec 21, 2007

Christy Cringle 2008

Date: Dec 23, 2008

Christy Cringle 2009

Date: Dec 25,2009

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Day!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The 3rd Day of Christmas

Hello there and Welcome to the 3rd Day of Christmas.
Sorry I didn't get to posting yesterday. ^^;
But Today I hope to make up for that so I will sh-!
Gah! you know what I'm gonna do!
So just...uh... Enjoy. =)

Though before I show ya all these pictures, I think there's something you should know that I have a Web Comic called "Anything But Ordinary" hosted over a Smack Jeeves (a free web comic hosting website) which can be seen here
Now to the pictures!

Anything But Ordinary Christmas

Date: Dec 22, 2009
Kyle and Christine (the two main characters from my webcomic: Anything But Ordinary) under the mistletoe.
Also Kyle and Christine are the same height. ^^'

Have a Anything But Ordinary Christmas

Like the picture I drew last year (see above picture) Kyle and Christine (the two main characters from my webcomic: Anything But Ordinary are under the mistletoe, though this time around they're getting a little closer. ;)

Hope you all like them

Comments and Constructive Criticism Welcome

Tune in for the 2nd Day of Christmas sometime later on today.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The 4th Day of Christmas

Hello there and Welcome to the 4th Day of Christmas.

Today I will show you another picture and a little something special like yesterday.

If you remember on the "7th Day of Christmas" I posted some pictures of how the villianious Akatsuki from the Anime/Manga series Naruto created by Masashi Kishimoto.
Well I have another one for you all.

Donations for Akatsuki

When Christmas came around this year Akatsuki was short for money.
So they decided to do this...

Have yourself a Merry LEGO Christmas...

Does that look familiar? Well it should, considering it's currently my Blogs header (look above to the top of the page). Just like us, the people of LegoLand celebrate Christmas too.

Family coming over to the house.

"Yummy! Chicken Wings!"

Making snow angels by the Nativity.

Putting up the rest of the lights.

Hope you all enjoy.

See you tomorrow!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The 5th Day of Christmas

Hello there and Welcome to the 5th Day of Christmas.

Today I will show you another picture and a little something special.

Anime Aly and AJ Christmas

Dec 17, 2008

Ok...They don't really look much like Aly and AJ, do they? ^^'
It's something I drew since I was inspired to draw something based off this song. I first heared this song last year on the gospel channel and I fell in love with it. And I put it on my playlist this year.

Aly and AJ: Them

Cobra Christmas

GI-JOE is a elite military unit comprised of special operatives from around the world. It's purpose is to defend human freedom against Cobra, a ruthless Terrorist Organization determined to rule the world.
known as G.I.-Joe, operating out of The Pit
Today, Cobra invades the Pit to spread Christmas Joy.
I posted this picture over at a GI-Joe fansite where it became pretty popular to my surprise:

These pictures below are exclusive to my blog:

General Hawk is rather skeptical of Cobra's Christmas spirit.

Cobra Ninja: Storm Shadow and Cobra Trooper give presents to Scarlet and Shipwreck.

Cobra's Battle Android Trooper hands GI-Joe's Firefighter, Barbecue a present.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for even more Christmas goodies. :D

Comments And Constructive Criticism Welcome.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The 6th Day of Christmas

Hello there and Welcome to the 6th Day of Christmas.

Today I will show you two more pictures below

Saint Nicholas

Date: Dec 4, 2007
This is my pic of Saint Nicholas (AKA: Santa Claus) as he looked before becoming Americanized.
If you wonder what he's doing, he's telling a child to be quite, or something like that as he delivers presents.
Here's a link ([ to a web site that tells the history,legend,and of how Saint Nicholas became Santa Claus.

Anyway, I hope you all like it.
Comments and Constructive Criticism Welcome!

Hello Kitty Christmas

Date: Dec 20, 2008

Have Yourself A Hello Kitty Christmas... :3
Hello Kitty is so Cute so I decided to draw her in some winter clothes

Hello Kitty Created By: Not me :(

Be sure to come back tomorrow for some more christmas goodies. :)

Comments And Constructive Criticism Welcome.

Ho Ho Ho , Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The 7th Day of Christmas

Hello there and Welcome to the 7th Day of Christmas.

Today I will show you two more pictures.
But before I do, I think I'll educate those of you may not have watched/read the Anime/Manga called Naruto created by Masashi Kishimoto.
It's story is set in an world made of Ninjas.
The villians in the later part of the series are the Akatsuki.
So below is how they celebrate Christmas.

Akatsuki's Workshop

Date: Dec 9, 2007
This was my entry for a Sasori Club Christmas contest!

Here's what's happening in the pic.
Back far left: Kisame just dropped a pile of presents on Itachi (who doesn't look too happy about it).
Back far right: Kakuzu looks at all the presents and thinks of how much money he could make selling all of these presents, thus explaining why his eyes look like dollar sighs.

Now to the main part of the pic:
Santa Pain (or Pein) is very happy with Konan's progress and Konan is proud of herself.
Sasori is a bit disappointed with himself since his puppets aren't coming out right (man,I know the feeling).
Especially since Konan got so much done already compared to himself.

"Why is Akatsuki giving out presents!?"- Some random person
Maybe it's easier way to get the Jinchuuriki and their Bijuu.
Who knows...

Christmas with Akatsuki

Date: Dec 4, 2007
Not too long after Tobi joined Akatsuki, Christmas came to the Akatsuki hideout and they decked the hall with Christmas lights and all that other good stuff.
But this year however, they would not have a Christmas tree because Kakuzu said they had to cut back on expenses.
Deidara, the artistic Akatsuki member came up with an idea,
but he would need some help.
So with the help of his new teammate Tobi, they put Christmas lights on their sleeping teammate Zetsu.
After they were done, Deidara noticed something was missing. A star!
So he came up with an other idea.
Deidara made Tobi a Star to go over his head. ~-
(Oh whatever you know what I mean, Just look at the picture.) So Tobi stood on a stool and laid his head on the sleeping Zetsu.
"Deidara Sempai, do you think this is safe?" Said Tobi.
Deidara just snickered at his question.
Itachi just looked at the them and thought to himself: "Oh brother, what are they up to now?"
Oh Christmas tree,oh Christmas tree...
After that song started to play, Zetsu woke up.
I'll leave the rest to you're imagination...
________________________________________ ____
This was my entry for a Deidara Christmas contest.

Anyway I hope you all like them.

Comments and Constructive Criticism Welcome

Be sure to come back for some more tommarow.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The 8 Days of Christmas

Hello There and Welcome to the 8 Days of Christmas.
What is it, you ask?
Well, today is the 18th of December and there are only 8 more days till Christmas.
What's so special about it?
From today till Christmas, I will be posting various Christmas related pictures that I've drawn over the years for your enjoyment.

So sit down ( if you aren't for some apparent reason),relax, and look a the pictures below:

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Date:Dec 2, 2007
I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas, Just like the ones I used to know...
Actually I've never had a White Christmas (with real snow ),but someday I will.

Christmas Giving

Date:Dec 17, 2007
I drew and wrote a poem similar to the one I did for Thanksgiving that year.
You might have seen the girl before (Above this picture).
You know it's sad that there are people out on the street with nowhere to go or call "home" I mean America is considered to be the richest nation in the world are there are people living like this,it's sad.

Incase you have a hard time reading that writing, I'll put it here:
Christmas is about giving,not receiving.
For it is better to give than receive.
Because it is in giving we bless others and
we ourselves are blessed for doing so.
That is what Christmas is supposed to be.

I hope you all like it!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Comments and Constructive Criticism Welcome!
BTW What to you think she's giving him?

Merry Christmas
Comments and Constructive Criticism Welcome