Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Thoughts on Florida SuperCon 2012!

Last year I attended the Florida SuperCon for my first time.
Well this year on June 30th (last Saturday) I went to SuperCon once again!

Meeeeooow? Perhaps? ;3
This year I cosplayed as Cheshire Cat Grell (From Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji :Ciel in Wonderland).
The shirt,pants,gloves, and glasses from my Improved version of my Grell outfit I wore to Hurricon.
The shoes are new and are the ones I actually wore for the first time with my Modern Day Grell outfit to a meet up last month. The vest was from my very first Grell cosplay as was the Wig (with hair extensions).
My friend Becca (the Grell I met at the last SuperCon) actually gave me the Ears (made outta Sculpy with fur glued on), Tail (wired with fur over it), and Leg warmers (?). ^^

Anyway, I you wanna See and Read more about my experience at SuperCon and if it was even more "super" than last year, then ya better hit the "Read More" button.
Also you can See all the pictures here on My FaceBook Page .