Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Here's a little something I drew and colored today in honor of those who have fought for our freedom and died doing so and for those who still fight for our freedom.

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Have a Happy Memorial Day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wow! My First Anime Convention!

Hi Guys,

Man, am I beat.
Last weekend (May 2 which was only a few days ago so you know) I went to my first ever Anime Convention! Yay!
I almost didn't get there due to certain circumstances but I did thankfully.
I cosplayed as L from the Anime series Death Note. His outfit is so easy to cosplay, I mean a pair of blue jeans, a white long sleeve shirt (which was surprisingly hard to find),and a little eye make-up.

Above is me with an L poster I got at the con.

It was a small convention but that was one of the reasons I wanted go to this one because I didn't want to be overwhelmed, and I didn't want my Mom to get overwhelmed either.
Yeah, I brought my Mom with me to it with chains and shackles (no not really),but she had a good time too.
My camera died out on me not too long after we got there, so I don't have a whole lot of pictures from my regular camera, but my Mom took some pics with her picture phone.
To my surprise, there was about 3 to 4 Ls including myself there. There was me (of course),a girl,another guy, and a big guy who was wearing a giant poka'mon costume which when he took it off became L.:D
I wish I had pictures of it, it was so funny!We were all sitting in a row with each other and everyone was taking pictures and video of us.
I think the best L was...the girl L (I forgot her name ^^;), one of the reasons was because her hair (in my opinion) was closest to the source material.
"Two Ls are better than One." Girl L on the right and Male L on the left (me)

My Mom and I meet with one of the dealers there who was pretty coll and we talked for a little while and he seemed interested in the Warehouse full of Star Wars, which is good because I can't afford to keep it anymore (literally!), but that's another story.

Here's me with their booth.

I also meet a girl who cosplayed a Misa from Death Note and when my Mom saw her shirt,she was like "Oh My Gosh, I like sell those kind of shirts!"...Ok that is certainly not a direct quote but you get what I mean.
It's true: And they come in different styles and colors. She (like pretty much everyone there) was nice and friendly.

Misa and L from Death Note

Now for more pictures!

This shot was taken during the sweet and sour bubble gum contest, it shows a good amount of cosplayers that were there. I don't even think I can name all the series their from.Though the other male L is in there.

Me trying to sit like L. It's hard to do unless you go around bare-foot like him but my Mom wouldn't let me. I probably wouldn't anyway since I believe it's highly unsanitary to walk around barefoot in public places. Though someone cosplaying as Matt from Death Note jokingly said to us Ls how are cosplays failed since we were all wearing shoes (or footwear if you like) and we all got a laugh out of it.

Part of one of the dealers' booths that has all sorts of inported goodies.

Another part of one of the dealers' booths that has all sorts of inported goodies.

The guy on the left is wearing an Akatsuki cloak (I so want one of those!)and a couple of girls in Japanese School Girl Uniforms from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya series which my Mom thought were from Salior Moon series.

Two Cosplayers cosplaying from a series I don't know. Maybe Bleach? Who knows?

I'm not sure what series she's from but her cosplay was awesome, I bet it took a lot of work to make.

Yet again I don't have any ida what series this guy's cosplaying from, but...It's was Bad A$$ looking (I don't use that term often) and it was so cool!

A Cat Girl, whcih my Mom couldn't resist taking a picture of, considering my Mom is a BIG cat lover.

Two Cosplayers as Ty Lee and Azula from the American Anime series Avatar The Last Air Bender. My Mom thought they looked kind of like Queen Amidala from Star Wars.

More Cosplayer Pics

More Cosplayer Pics

All in all, I think it was a good experience, a lot of cool cosplayers,and I can't wait to go next year!
Next time though, my costume will be awesome and better than ever!8D

Hope you all enjoyed reading my post and seeing my pics.

See Ya Later!

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