Friday, February 19, 2010

My Little Cousin's Finally Growing Up

Well today's my little cousin's Sweet 16th Birthday and
Tonight will be a teenager's delight
She'll have a DJ,Disco,and Lights
There'll be singing and dancing all through night
Even Hannah Montana would be jealous
A party fit for a Queen, although she's only sixteen
She's rockin' n' rollin' and doin' her thing
She's singin' and priasin' the Lord at Flamingo Road Church or at her  Youtube Page
In the upcomming year American Idol awaits
But to leave Flamingo Road she'll dread what it takes!
Either way She'll do whatever God puts on her heart and she'll follow it as she has from the start
So now I'll end this poem with something that doesn't rhyme... Happy Birthday Katie!

Disclaimer: This post was not endoresed by Flamingo Road Church or by my little cousin, Katie.

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