Saturday, February 13, 2010

2D Hottie Spot Light: Mizore

Today's 2D Hottie Spot Light is Mizore Shirayuki from the fan service laden,harem comedy, anime series: Rosario + Vampire.
Mizore is a Yuki-onna ("Snow Woman"), and can control snow and ice at will, and she attends a school for monsters to learn how to fit in to the "Human" World. She's often seen with a mint lollipop in her mouth, to keep her cool. She becomes friends with a human who mistakenly finds himself in the same school with her a five other hot and cute monsters who become attracted to him for some odd reason.

She's somewhat shy and a bit of a stalker, but that's what makes her so cute! To me anyway. -^^- 
She also pops out of nowhere from time to time when no one expects it,which is a running gag in the series.
I also really like her outfit, with her sleeveless sweater,thigh-high socks,her little necklace,her straps, and even her school uniform plaid skirt (though it's a bit short). I like her short hair style more than her longer hair style that she sported when she first appeared in the series.
She's also a capable fighter and can pretty much stand her own against anyone (except for inner Moka). You don't want her to give you the "cold" shoulder.

I'm not sure how became so attracted to her but I guess I like shy and stalker like female characters in anime, since Hinata (from Naruto) who has the same characterisrics and was one of my favorite female characters from that series.                                                                           I'll admit I've seen a few harem that were a bit too serious for me to take seriously and truthfully I wasn't really into those kind of anime shows. But what I really enjoyed about Rosario + Vampire wasn't it's fan service, it was the comedy and the fact that it didn't take itself so seriously.

It would've been challenging to take it seriously with all the upskirt shots and all the other fanservice elements that were thrown in.-_- Regardless of all that,it was a fun series but not something for everyone.

So now you know a little bit about the girl who's pretty much invaded my Avatar (here and other sites),my Blog Header (last month's and this month's), and even my Desktop:
I've even drawn Fanart of her:
Anyway, Today's 2D Hottie SpotLight Runner Ups:
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