Friday, February 12, 2010

2D Hottie Spot Light: Amu Hinamori

Today's 2D Hottie Spot Light is Amu Hinamori from the anime series: Shugo Chara

Amu's the popular girl at school for her "cool and spicy" attitude but what the others don't see is that she's really quite shy and introverted. She wishes she could just be herself without worrying what others think. The next morning to her surprise, she finds three colorful eggs that hatch into three Guardian Characters: Ran, Miki, and Su.
Her Guardian Characters represent things she wants to become. Ran represents how honest and athletic she wants to be, Miki represents how artistic and level headed she wishes to be, and Su represnets her desire to be more caring and improve her domestic skills.
They help her in her quest of self-discovery.
That and "Character Change" which changes her personality for a short time and "Character Transformation" which give her powers to fight those who wish to steal people's "Heart Eggs" (dreams) and Guardian Characters.
I stumbled upon this series when I was on crunchyroll looking for Naruto when I saw a banner for Shugo Chara. I saw it a few times before but then I decided to check it out since the art and story looked cute and interesting.

The series is kind of like Sailor Moon but it takes it own unique spin on the  magical girl genre   and truth be told, I'm not one to watch these kind of shows but this one I really like.
Her outfit is a mix punky, spunky,and cool. Which looks so adorable! ^^
She stands out from the rest of the cast for her unique sense of style.
She sports many different outfits and hair styles throughout the series, but my favorite is how she looks in this picture
<-here. : )
If you wanna know more about this series, just check it out here at where you can watch it and other anime for free and legally.

Miki is my favorite Guardian Character. She's artistic, wearing her little hat and carrying her little bag with all her art supplies around. She's also calm (most of the time anyway) and has a few a crushes on Guardian Characters of  the people that Amu has crushes on.
She's also featured in one of my blog buttons, can you guess which one?
If you do, you'll find my first Shugo Chara fanart that I drew there. ;)
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