Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My First HomeStuck Fanart! :D

Hello everyone! Been like forever since I've posted any fanart. 
Well I finally drew my first official fanart of Mituna from the webcomic series: Homestuck and it's the first time I've ever officially posted any Homestuck fanart! :D 

As for the picture, it was inspired by my lovely girlfriend (who I met at a homestuck group when I had just got into it and she also got me even further into homestuck) who's like my Latula and I am like her Mituna (we plan to cosplay them together in the future) and she asked my if "taken" had two "k"s in it and I thought it sounded kinda like "Tekken" (the fighting game series) and well since both homestuck characters are big gamers we both thought it would be something Mituna or Latula would say. xD

So yeah I drew this based off of that lil idea of ours and also... I'm Takken! xD

Anyway I home you all like my first Homestuck art. ^w^

Comments And Constructive Criticism Welcome.

Picture by: AJV (Me)

Homestuck Created By: Andrew Hussie