Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP Wednesdays: More Minimates and Lego Edition

 Hello There!
Been a little while since I've updated the site..anyway I wanted to show you all my latest Minimate and Lego WIPs (Work In Progress), which you can see below.
Custom Sculpted and Painted

I'm not going to tell you exactly what they're going to be yet...but I'll give you two clues:

Nail Polish and Sharpie Marker
For the Minimates: They are going to be from two different licensed series that they had a long while back that most likely will never be made because they lost both licenses to each of the series.

 For the Lego: They are going to be characters from a fighting game I've talked about quite a bit in previous post.

My Loot from Brickforge most of which are being used by my customs.
So..I'd love to hear your guesses.

And check back soon for more updates,reviews, customs, news, and more real soon!
Thanks for reading!

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Drew the little guy myself.

I think some of you may have noticed a little kitty Grell (like the one above)on the side of the page here ->
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So your donation of any amount is appreciated an will go to making this site and to making it more enjoyable to you, the readers. : )

Thanks for reading. More updates to come. : )