Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2D Hottie Spot Light: Rukia

Today's 2D Hottie Spot Light is: Rukia Kuchiki from the anime series: Bleach (no,not Clorox Bleach ;)
She is a Soul Reaper (similar to a Grim Reaper) in the 13th Division who meets Ichigo Kurosaki (who sees dead people and other supernatural things) and gives him her Soul Reaper powers in order to fulfill her duty to protect the living and bring the wondering souls to the Soul Society.

When I first started watching Bleach, I thought Rukia was a pretty cool character. I guess part of it was that she shared some similarities with Raven (who I talked about a few days ago) besides eye color. She's intelligent,clam, and a fierce fighter. Her outfit is reminiscent of the traditional samurai which I think is cool, considering there's plenty of females that are ninjas in Anime and Manga.    

She's a bit of an actress in a sense, like when she follows Ichigo to his school and pretends to be a new innocent student who fits in quite nicely with everyone to Ichigo's dismay. Throughout the series, she has had a lot of character development, like the "The Rescue Rukia" story arc which is a fan favorite and one of my favorites too. I also like how Rukia and Ichigo interact. They may argue a times, but they're still close friends who try to understand each others's differences and defeat the common foes.
I hope she doesn't become a "cheer leader" like many main female characters in anime who just shout out encouraging word while the hero does all the fighting, because she has a lot of personality and she really shines.
She's definitely one of my favorite character's from Bleach and I hope to see more of in upcomming episodes.
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  1. i just luv rukia.........
    she's soooo mature..!!!