Thursday, May 5, 2011

Charitymates 5: Fighting for Japan

Hi there,
Today I'd like to talk about something I've been working on (see my WIP post) for a little while now.

Well, I have joined fellow Minimate customizers (veteran and novice alike) to create and donate a Minimate custom based on a theme chosen by the community in  an annual charity event called Charitymates which is held at the Minimate Multiverse. These one-of-a-kind creations are then auctioned off on eBay with 75% of the proceeds going to a specific charity (also chosen by the community) and the remaining 25% helping with the operation costs of the Minimate Multiverse.
 This year's is called Charitymates 5: Fighting for Japan
A tournament of legendary fighters from all over the world is about to begin! Customizers will create unique tournament fighters limited only by their imagination. The final customs will be paired up and photographed in various fighting stances. The single minimate who gets the highest bid during the charity auctions will be the winner of the tournament!
Proceeds will be donated to Japan for it's recovering from the earthquake and tsunami.

Here's what I made for Charitymates 5.

A mysterious and powerful fighter skilled in hand-to-hand combat, nun-chucks, and swordsmanship
code named: Blackest Knight is
Part of a group known a Xcalibur, an organization who's ideals and motives are still unknown to the world, has joined this world wide fighting tournmaent while wielding a powerful Excalibur passed down to those worthy to unleash it's mighty power, may soon reveal the true goal of Xcalibur.

So hope you all like it and I'll be sure to keep you all up to date as more info comes in about Charitymates 5
Also here's a slideshow of how this fighter transformed since I first started working on him.

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