Friday, March 29, 2013

G.I.-JOE: Retaliation Movie Preview 4-Pack Review (Part 6: Overall Thoughts

Now that G.I.-Joe: Retaliation is now offically in theaters in nearlly all the different formats,
I think today is a good day to post my overall thoughts on the
G.I.-JOE: Retaliation Movie Preview 4-Pack
For those of you who are just joining in on the fun,
here is what we have covered so far:
Now on to the my Overall Thoughts after the jump!

As for my Overall thoughts on this entire set as a whole, it's a great way to really get into the
G.I.-Joe: Retaliation action figure line since it comes with a nice variety of characters that are the main focus of the movie's story and action. The figures themselves are good quaility (some are better than others). The retail price of $40.00 for the original release of this pack seems pretty fair since each of them now retails for $10.00 each in stores seperately (with some of them having different accessories than the ones in this pack).
The packaging was even pretty awesome too.
Honestly I am glad I got this pack when I did because I have the core characters from
G.I.-Joe: Retaliation since I won't have to hunt down these figures individually. Also now whatever figures I wish to collect from the rest of the toyline, I can easily pick and choose without a problem and add them to the rest on my recently started G.I.-Joe: Retaliation collection thanks to this preview pack.
Roadblock with a proper weapon and replaced hands.
I hope you liked my review of the
G.I.-JOE: Retaliation Movie Preview 4-Pack Review
and be sure let me know what your thoughts in the comment section below.
See ya all next time!
Oops I mean...
Yo Joe!!!

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