Wednesday, March 27, 2013

G.I.-JOE: Retaliation Movie Preview 4-Pack Review (Part 4)

Welcome to the fourth installment of my
G.I.-JOE: Retaliation Movie Preview 4-Pack Review!

Today we will start off with the third figure of the set:
 Storm Shadow
Cobra Commander's personal bodyguard and the ninja brother of Snake Eyes.
Storm Shadow's look hasn't changed too much over the years and usually he always wears his white duds.

How much has he changed in this version, and is it for the best or worst?
Click below to find out to see and read for yourself.

I think honestly that Rise of Cobra gave Storm Shadow's usual white traditional ninja outfit an interesting and fresh makeover. Also it seems he wears that outfit in Retaliation, which make me wonder where does he actually wear the outfit seen on this figure in the actual movie?
Well I sure hope so since I really like the look of his outfit here because it's kinda got that modern day/futuristic vibe going on. He still has his trademark white outfit with a bit of light grey and some silver on his armored knee pads,leg guards, and arm guards.
It's somewhat simple, but I think it's simply better in this case.
The sculpting is actually quite good and is nicely detailed. His head isn't the most detailed but it gets the job done and his eyes are painted on very nicely.
Ya know, it actually kinda reminds me of one of my favorite figures from the G.I.-Joe: Spy Troops line from the 2000's: the Night Creeper. ( Honestly, I think it would be very cool if Hasbro were to make some repaints inspired by some of the Night Creepers in the future).
You may remember in my Roadblock review I had mentioned how Hasbro had toned down on the articulation and made them less articulate and how the ninja characters and some others still had their awesome articulation.
Well Storm Shadow here is a ninja and he has all the articulation you'd expect of the rest of the figures in this line: Ball jointed neck, waist,shoulders,elbows,thighs...PLUS ball jointed ankles and wrist and double jointed knees.
He's super articulate just as a good G.I.-Joe action figure should be in my opinion with so many posing and possibilities. I really love it!
His accessories are kinda on the sparse side but it's not such a bad thing considering they are actually pretty good. Unlike the single pack release, he doesn't come with his zip line over sized backpack jetpack. I don't really mind though. Back to what he actually comes with: Two swords (one long and one short) and a backpack to place them into.
The handles and blades are nicely detailed.
Only issue I have is that I believe because of how rubbery his hands are, it can be a little tricky for him to hold his swords. But thankfully not impossible.
Overall I would recommend that you pick up Storm Shadow if you can find him (ninja are pretty elusive). It's a great figure with a ton of articulation that's cool looking and comes with some good accessories (even if it's pretty sparse). Maybe it's not perfect, but it's pretty close.

This Storm Shadow is ready to go toe-to-toe with any of the Joes that dare to stand in his way.

Thanks for reading and hope ya liked the review and pics!

Check back tomorrow for my review of the last figure of the set: Snake Eyes

See ya!

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