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G.I.-JOE: Retaliation Movie Preview 4-Pack Review (Part 2)

Welcome to the second installment of my
G.I.-JOE: Retaliation Movie Preview 4-Pack Review!

Today we will start off with the first figure of the set:
 Roadblock (as played by Dwyane Johnson AKA The Rock).
The Rock comes with his ROCKet Launcher.
Roadblock is the G.I.-Joe's heavy arms specialist who's been known to speak in rhymes (at least in the cartoon) and can cook one a hell of meal.
Though he didn't have much impact on me as a character back as a kid, I think the movie's really breathing new life into this character which is causing me to actually have interest in him.
Also casting The Rock to play as Roadblock was a brilliant idea because besides having star-power, he's an all around awesome guy. Can't wait to see how he portrays one of the Joes!

Click Below to read and see if this Roadblock rocks or blows.

Just one thing I have to say before I start on Roadblock's review here and that is my complaint about how Hasbro decided to give most of these figures (except for the ninja and a few others) less articulation than they normally have had for the last 5 years or so. Basically they removed the ankle articulation,the double knee joints, and the wrist joints (which was something that Hasbro recently started to do a few years ago). So yeah a bit of a pet peeve of mine but even so, I won't let that that stop me from enjoying the good and well done figures in this line.
Like this one which is a good example.
He's very well sculpted with fine details like the muscles on his arms and chest, also the legs are nicely done too. The head sculpt is actually quite good in my opinion and the painted details are done quite well too, even the eyes are pretty good (thankfully).
The coloring details of the overall figure isn't crazy but it's good and not bad at all.
Like the camouflage pants with the metal knee pads with his black army boots and the black tank top that hugs his abs tightly, showing us the muscle detail.
Even without some of the articulation that other figures in the past had, he still is pretty articulate, playable,and pose-able.
He has a ball jointed neck that allows him him to look up and down,left and right, and all around without a problem.
He has a ball joint in his chest that allows him to bend forward or backward and from side to side.
He has joints in his shoulders,elbows,hips, and knees. Also his hands have swivel joints.

Nearly (or generally) all the figures in the Retaliation line have in terms of articulation.
Also compared to other figures, he's pretty tall.
So yeah this figure rocks!
But even though it does, there is still one thing that bothers me about this rockin' figure.
This hand of his has been dubbed by G.I.-Joe collectors as the "klondike hand".
(well something like that anyway)
This his right hand. As you can see, it has some kind of trigger device sculpted into it which allows for it to attach to his missile launcher in two different ways. But he can't hold anything else with with it beside that. Which is very limiting.
Also the the accessories aren't very good either and are also limiting.
It's a big and oversized missile launcher, that's it. No extra weapons like normal sized guns, or even a machine gun. Just a fairly silly missile launcher.
It comes in three parts (four counting the actual missile): Shoulder mount, Gun mount with pop out saw (see pic),and the actual missile launcher with pop out shields.

I'm not a big fan of this missile launcher like most G.I.-Joe collectors, but I have made a few uses for it. Like a shoulder mounted gun (that's kinda oversized...), a laser saw (like in one of the previous pictures), and for the actually missile launcher part as a drone-like mini satellite with laser covered shielding. Also the missile too has a shielding for being able to fire it all the way from space to the planet's surface.
So overall I think it's a solid figure with good articulation, nice paint applications, and well sculpted and detailed action figure.
It has some flaws like it's articulation, but the biggest is the hand and the accessories. Because if he has two normal hands and better accessories, this figure would be even better and closer to perfection. But alas.
So yeah I still would actually recommend you pick him up (the single pack version since it has been recently "re"released) if you like because even with it's faults, it still rocks!
I mean having a 4inch version of The Rock fighting alongside your Joes against the forces of Cobra, just sounds awesome in my personal opinion.

Yo Joe!!!

Check Back Soon For My....
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