Thursday, March 28, 2013

G.I.-JOE: Retaliation Movie Preview 4-Pack Review (Part 5)

Welcome to the fourth installment of my
G.I.-JOE: Retaliation Movie Preview 4-Pack Review!

Today we will start off with the last (but not least) figure for this boxset review:
Snake Eyes
Here we have G.I.-Joe's silent but deadly ninja/commando: Snake Eyes.
Ever since his first appearance in the first series of G.I.-Joe 3 3/4-Inch action figures, Snake Eyes has always sported the all black look.
Funfact: Originally he was going to have a camouflage pattern but due to financial restraints, Hasbro ended up making him in all black plastic with no paint applications at all. Thanks to that we were given one of the most recognized characters if the G.I.-Joe series.
Over the years, he has had 60 different versions released since 1982 and most of them still retain that all black look he's become known for.

How does this version stand against the others and what makes this version worth picking up or not?
Click below to find out in the rest of the review!

Also he's had the commando-look, the ninja-look, and the commando/ninja-look.
Here he has a nice mix of ninja/commando and it looks pretty awesome.
Even though he doesn't have a lot of paint applications and is mostly of a dark grey plastic, the sculpting is quite detailed and the black paint applications on his shoulder pads,elbow pads,knee pads, and his visor really help make some of the details stand out a little.
This Snake Eyes kinda reminds me of the version that was released in 2005, which is a good thing since I think the webgear here really helps with this figure's look too.

His accessories consist of: Black Webgear,sword, and two submachine guns. Like Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes has pretty good amount of accessories and doesn't come with the oversize missile launcher like his single carded release. All his weapons fit in his hands quite well, especially his submachine guns which fit in his hands like gloves or pretty much perfectly. The sword is not very detailed, but it works. The webgear (which doesn't come with the single release) really is great and adds to the figure's look.

Just like his ninja brother Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes has awesome articulation

since he is also a ninja and he has all the articulation just like the rest of the figures in this line: Ball jointed neck, waist,shoulders,elbows,thighs...But being a ninja he has all that PLUS ball jointed ankles and wrist and double jointed knees.
He's super articulate just as a good G.I.-Joe action figure should be in my opinion with a bunch of posing and playing possibilities. It's really awesome!!
Also his webgear doesn't hinder his articulation too much which is also a plus.
Overall I would totally recommend that you pick up Snake Eyes. Even without a lot of painted details he still has plenty of sculpted details and has a ton of articulation. Comes with some cool accessories (depending on the version you pick up) too.
It's a great figure. Might not perfect, but it's pretty close since I think this is one of the coolest versions we've gotten of Snake Eyes in a while.
Snake Eyes is ready to take on the forces of Cobra without breaking a sweat.
Yo Joe!!!

Be sure to check back again real soon for my overall thoughts on the entire pack as a whole.
See ya!

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  1. Superb action movie after long days with good screenplay & excellent Direction ! a lot of thrill too to enjoy the movie !