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G.I.-JOE: Retaliation Movie Preview 4-Pack Review (Part 3)

Welcome to the thrid installment of my
G.I.-JOE: Retaliation Movie Preview 4-Pack Review!

Today we will start off with the second figure of the set:
 Cobra Commander
Here we have the fearsome leader of the terrorist organization: Cobra.
Cobra Commander has always been one of my favorite characters from the G.I.-Joe series for
various reasons like his look,his personality, and his position of power.
His color is usually blue (and various shades of it) but he has also worn outfits of various colors and designs over the years. He's also worn black plenty of times in the past and always looks in it.

So how does Cobra Commander look now that he's back in black?

Click below to read my thoughts and see plenty of pictures after the jump.

I won't get into the articulation too much since it's pretty much the same as Roadblock's, so I do want to repeat too much of what I already said. But there are two things that are slightly different here: The harness he wears only slightly hinders his chest articulation and his head doesn't go up and down very much. Other that, all the same there.
Well let's talk about his look. Honestly I love what they did this time around compared to what they did in
G.I.-Joe: Rise of Cobra.
I didn't hate that look nearly as much as most
G.I.-Joe fans did (and still do) but it really do think that it wasn't a look suited for Cobra Commander. I'm glad that this time they decided to keep certain things about his look that distinguish him from other bad guys, like his silver face plate for example. But they still added their own touch to the design on his outfit to make him look different than the cartoon and comic versions. Like his helmet for example (which we will get into in a bit).
Even though pretty much everything on him is mostly black (two to three shades of black) and the details of the sculpting might not show up very well, I will tell you that he is loaded with detail.
Like the Cobra logo knee pads,the elbow pads,the small armor plate on his right shoulder, and also the he has a shirt (button up maybe?) under an bulletproof vest plus various other details.
Oh my goodness...Oh my.. I will say that I absolutely love what they did to his helmet! <3 p="">It feels like they combined his classic look,added some of Serpentor, and then add their own designs to make this awesomely menacing helmet. Also the sculpting and detailing here is great.

Now what about the accessories? Well it seems that Cobra wins when it comes to that in this case compared to a certain Joe we just talked about.
Cobra Commander come equipped with a small silver pistol that can go in the the holster, and two silver sub machine guns.
He can hold all his weapons very well with no problem. One thing that's different between this version and the version released in the single pack besides the color since in the single pack he generally comes in blue with black detailing, is that he doesn't come with a missile launcher serpent staff.
Overall I think this is a great version of Cobra Commander that's nicely detailed,great sculpt, good articulation, and good accessories.
So I recommend you pick him up (be it the Blue or Black single pack version) if you like because this is honestly a great figure in my opinion, Maybe I sound a little bias since I really like the character, but I think this is a really cool figure.
Cobra Commander looks like he's ready to bring the fight to G.I.-Joe and then the world!

Hope you all liked the review and pics. Be sure to check back soon for my next review:
Storm Shadow

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