Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Trip to Borders

This weekend I went to my local Borders book store for the first time.

When I first walked in it wasn't loud and noisy like my local Barnes and Noble, which is a plus in my book.
Then I went over to their Manga (Japanese Comics) section and I was blown away and it totally blew Barnes and Noble's Manga section away too!
They had so much to choose from and it was nicely displayed. They even had stuff I hadn't seen before like holographic note books with popular anime characters on 'em, and Pencil bags and sharpeners, and whole lotta other cool stuff.  I was almost in ecstasy trying to absorb all the awesomeness.
What's this got to do with Iron Man?
The whole reason I went there in the first place. That and a 40% off coupon.

So today I will be reviewing the Exclusive Borders two pack that comes with Mark IV Iron Man and Battle Damage Whiplash.
Click the "Read More" Button to see read my review and for more pictures.

Mark IV Iron Man
 Look familiar?
That's because he's the same one that came with the non-Battle Damage Whiplash I reviewed recently. One thing I noticed is that his leg doesn't bow out like the that one or the Mark II.
That's a plus.
Is there anything different about this minimate compared to the previous one Mark IV?
Better check under the hood.

I mean helmet.
 He's wearing a cool pair of shades under the helmet.
Take off the helmet and...
 He looks like how he did when he's sitting inside of a giant donut having some donuts.
He's one cool dude. That is all.

Battle Damage Whiplash

 Here we have a Battle Damage version of the Villainous Whiplash.
From what I can tell, it looks like Iron Man will make a comeback and kick the crap outta Whiplash sometime during or after the Race Track Scene.This time around he looks pretty angry, you can even see his gold teeth. His torso is a little more detailed this time around because it shows what remains of his outer armor (?) and his leg have holes in his pants where you can see his skin and bionic parts.
 He has some black burnt spots on his arms too.
Now check out his back.
That's what I can attention to detail.
One thing that does disappoint me is that he doesn't come with a whip. That takes a little from the playability department.
But they did use a bit of metallic paint and most will have gotten the regular version from either from their local comic shop or Toys R Us, so I guess I'll let it slide.

Something I have forgotten to mention in my previous reviews:
Iron Man and War Machine's armors are removable and have detail on the torso underneath.
He comes with skin tone hands, so that's why I decided to take pictures of him without his armor on.
 As you can see it's pretty detailed. One thing I miss compared to the Mark III from the first Iron Man movie wave (2008) is the lack of extra arms and legs.
I thought it was cool how you could have a almost different minimate just by taking off the armor,arms, and legs to have an un-armored look. But I rarely ever took off the armor anyway so it's not a feature I terribly miss. It did add a bit of playability though.

Overall it's a cool pack that comes a nice set of Minimates which I would recommend to that's those who 
  • Want a Variant of Whiplash
  • Want to add more armors to their growing Iron Man Minimate collections
  • Want Minimates from the new Iron Man movie
  • Want a regular or a variant of  Iron Man
  • Want to complete there cast of Iron Man 2 Characters.
  •  Want a Villain from Iron Man 2
  • Want a Cool looking Iron Man or Tiny with his neat shades on.
When I saw pictures of this pack, I knew this was another pack I didn't want to miss since since the scene where Tony's wearing his sun glasses is cool and the added detail to Whiplash makes this pack worthy of picking up at your local Borders book store, and it comes with variants of  the main hero and villain.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my review as much as I did writing it.
Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to come back soon for more Iron Man goodness.

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