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Iron Man 2: My Thoughts

That's right! I finally saw Iron Man 2 in the theater this weekend.
Why I waited so long was because a friend of my Mom and I gave us two matinee tickets (passes that had to be used two weeks after the premiere) to a movie theater that was more awesome then words could describe.
It was a ways up there, but it was so worth it. It was much better then our local one we went to see G.I.-Joe last year. It wasn't crowed so we didn't have to sit with a bunch a little kids and noisy people. It was a great experience.
As for the movie itself, it was also awesome.
If you want to know why, click on the "Read More" button to find out.

"I hope you're ready."

Ok, I'm going to start by talking about the story which is a very important factor in a movie since you can add all the special effects you want but without a good story or characters it'll be lame. Plain and Simple.

It starts off by showing how the world is reacting to Tony Stark stating that he himself is Iron Man and how it affects him and his friends in good and bad ways.  It was a really bold move to have Tony reveal his secret identity to the world unlike the super hero stereotype where they usually keep their identities a secret from the world. 
Then we're introduced to a Russian named Ivan and his dieing father who dies in first five minutes.
You can tell early on that Ivan hates Tony Stark because he believes he should be the famous inventor instead of Tony who's a billion dollar playboy. So he goes on to construct his very own Iron Man like armor (with less armor) which is reminiscent of the scene in the first movie where Tony makes the first Iron Man armor.

After that you see how Tony's livin' it up. He jumps out of the plane and flys downward to the StarkExpo....

You know what, I'm going to discuss the what I liked (and possibly disliked) instead of telling you the whole story of the movie. Otherwise you wouldn't have to see the if I told you the whole thing. :p
The Senate Scene was one of my favorite non-action scenes in the movie which I believed it would be when I posted my First Minimates Review a while back. It was very funny. Tony's exchange with Senator Sam was totally hilarious because you have a wise cracking guy and a stereotypical politician, then throw in Justin Hammer who's a Tony Stark wannabe and then a whole lotta funnies to go around. 
One of the unexpected highlights from the most hilarious scenes was when Hammer tries to desperately disconnect the tv screen that was showing a failed attempt by him and Hammer Industries to copy the Iron Man Armor.

Then we have the Race Track Battle where we first see Iron Man (in the Mark V Suitcase Armor) square off against Whiplash (Ivan). I liked the battle but I have to admit that it wasn't as exciting as it should have been (to me) since with the trailers and the two minute clip that was posted online, you pretty much saw the whole thing right there except for outcome. Whiplash loses, I had a feeling he would...
Throughout the film, Tony realizes that he could die at any moment due to the Arc Reactor he uses to live is slowly killing him, so he pretty much tries to accomplish as many things as he can and lives on the fast lane (literally!).We also get to explore his inner demons and how he deals with them like in the "Demon in a Bottle" storyline like in the comics but they don't focus as much on his alcohol problem like in the comic's storyline I believe since I never read the comics. 
Before the Race Track scene, we are introduced to Natasha (played by Scarlett Johansson) who becomes Tony's secretary (a role that Pepper Potts once held before becoming CEO) who's really a super spy for S.H.I.E.L.D.code named:
Black Widow. I would have liked to have seen more of her them her alter-ego
because the only real action she has is towards the end where she shows her moves by taking the out guards at Hammer's facility down with little trouble. She didn't really do much until then though.  I'm probably not the only one who enjoyed seeing Scarlet Joehanson in her form fitting Black Widow getup.
She still looked smokin' in all the scenes she was in.

Stan Lee makes a cameo appearance as Larry King which was good but the fact the had Bill O'Reilly and the O'Reilly Factor was in the movie talking about Iron Man and Pepper Pots was so cool! My Mom and I were like "So Cool!!!" (though of course we didn't yell) because when we had cable we would watch him all the time.
It even beat the scene at the end of the credits even (IMO).

 The fight between Rhodey and Tony in the Mark II and Mark IV Iron Man armors was unexpected ( to me anyway) even with the trailers showing parts of it. I thought it was going to be something like Tony wanted to entertain his guest of this birthday party by having them both suit up and duke it out. Instead it was because Tony decided to wear the armor while drunk and Rhodey decides to hijack the Mark II armor in order to stop him from blowing up the place for the guests' entertainment. It was really cool. Though they pretty much demolished the place by the time they were done.
Then Rhodey flies the armor to the US Military, hands it over to them and has Justin Hammer pimp it up.
Whoa...I totally never expected that.
When all the Hammer Drones and the War Machine are presented at the Stark Expo everything seems fine and everyone thinks they're totally cool, but then Iron Man shows up to end the party.
No no, not to end it -to start it! Yay! :D
Because that's when Whiplash while controlling the Drones (without any supervision) decides to use them and War Machine to attack Iron Man and cause a whole lotta chaos.
There was a lot I liked about this scene since it's the most action packed part of the movie. Loved seeing the Drones in action, I wish there would've been more of 'em. Also Iron Man used lasers to cut'em up real good!
 We then have the final battle which I would've liked to last a little longer (same problem as the first movie) because Whiplash seemed to be a real threat when he was on the race track kicking Iron Man's butt and causing total chaos, but here he had a real armor with kicked-up whips and the battle ends in like a few minutes I believe (not exactly sure).
Why did he have to die? He was such a cool villain and he finally got his own armor then he loses and blows himself up.
Justin Hammer getting arrested also disappointed me a little because I was hoping he'd be in Iron Man 3 as a more prominent and more cunning villain. But maybe he'll get out of jail, have someone steal the Iron Man blueprints or something? Ya never know.
I liked the music in the movie but the song that played in the credits "Highway to Hell" by ACDC was not one I liked too much (neither did my Mom) since to me it didn't really fit anywhere in the movie. I knew it'd be somewhere though because it was on the Iron Man 2 ACDC album. 
After the credits were over we're given a glimpse into the next Marvel movie, but sadly I already knew because I didn't think I'd stay for the credits so it didn't excite me as much as it would've normally. But it was quite cool. My mom thought it was a Hammer Drone head. LOL!
All and All it was very worthy sequel to a really good movie and it was nice mixture of action,comedy,and some romance that was very enjoyable and entertaining with a great characters and side characters played by an awesome cast of actors and actresses.
I totally recommend it if you
  • Like Action Movies
  • Some Comedy with you Action Movies
  • And a side of Romance
  • Comic Movies
  • Iron Man
  • Samuel L Jackson being a Badass as always
  • Seeing Scarlett Johansson Looking Hot
  • Or Any of the Other Great Actors and Actresses in this Movie
  • A Good Time
So I'm gonna give it a 4.5 out of 5.
It was almost perfect but there were a few things that kept it back a little.
There's more things I liked about the film but I can't think of them all at the moment, but that's most likely because I have I.M.A.O.S. (Iron Man Awesomeness Overload Syndrome) at the moment.
Now go see Iron Man 2 (if you haven't yet)!

What are your thoughts?
Let's discuss them in the comments section.

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