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Iron Man 2 Minimates Review: Mark IV Iron Man and Whiplash

For those of you who don't know what Minimates are:Minimates are 2 inch Lego-like action figures that have 14 points of articulation, have interchangeable parts, and have various lines like Marvel, Ghost Busters, Star Trek, and more to choose from.

This pack is from the Toys R Us assortment that contains four different packs including two exclusives that are not available anywhere else.

Today I will be reviewing the second non-exclusive Toys R Us pack that comes with Mark IV Iron Man and Whiplash.
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Mark IV Iron Man
Here's the man himself...Iron Man!!! In the Mark IV Armor that he wears at the start of the film. If you read my previous review of the Mark II Armor, then you most likely know how I feel about this Iron Man. But unlike that one, this one here is in his traditional  Gold and Red colors. It's painted very well and not sloppy. He comes with an additional hair piece and helmet with flipped up face plate. His movement is slightly limited because of the sculpted armor around the shoulder area. But he's still a a very cool Minimate.

Helmet with Flipped Up Face Plate.
Did I say how cool this was in my last review?
Well... I'm gonna say it again.
It's Super Cool!

Unmasked with Hair Piece.
His face is nicely detailed and he looks determined to beat Whiplash or any other villain who might come his way. 

Here we have the Villainous Whiplash who attacks Tony Stark at the Race Track. 
He's one bad dude you don't wanna mess with.
I wasn't to crazy about his design in the movie at first but after seeing his whips in action in the trailers, he's really grown on me.
As for the minimate, like nearly all the other Iron Man 2 Minimates it's extremely detailed and looks like it came right out of the movie.
Except for one thing...
His lower half and pants since from what's been shown in the trailers should be orange. Not sure why they did that but maybe it's like what happened to War Machine's blue eyes and arc reactor where they got early images of it and then the movie producers changed them to red after the Minimates where already being produced.
But for me, I don't mind. I actually like the uniformity of the Minimate. His gear on his chest is removable.
  Once removed, your treated to some really detailed Tattoo designs on both his front and back.
Now I bet you believe he's even more of a dude you wouldn't try to mess with now.

Overall it's a cool pack that comes a nice set of Minimates which I would recommend to that's those who 
  • Want Whiplash
  • Want to add more armors to their growing Iron Man Minimate collections
  • Want Minimates from the new Iron Man movie
  • Want a regular Iron Man
  • Want to complete there cast of Iron Man 2 Characters.
  •  Want a Villain from Iron Man 2
When I saw pictures of this pack, I knew this was another pack I totally couldn't miss since I want to have all the main character's and Iron Man armors from the movie and it's got the two main characters in one pack.
A hero and a villain, which adds a whole lotta playability right outta the box.
It's definitely a pack you should pick up.
 Available at your local Toys R Us and Comic Shop.
Here ends my series of reviews of the Toys R Us assortment of Iron Man 2 Minimates.
But don't worry, there may be more to come.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my review as much as I did writing it.

Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to come back soon for more Iron Man goodness.

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