Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Iron Man Hall of Armors

Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) as made many different armors over the years, but where does he put them all?
In his Hall of Armors of course!
Ever since the I got my Iron Man Minimates from the first movie, I began transforming what was once a C3 (kinda like Lego) Bat Cave into Iron Man's Hall of Armors.
So yeah, it was two years in the making and I pretty much finished now.
But like the Iron Man armors, I'll probably keep upgrading it from time to time.
Especially when I get more Iron Man Minimates.
 That's how it looked recently before I finished it.
Now see It finished after the jump.
 Here the Overall shot of the Hall of Amrors

The Hall of Armors
Hope you all like it.

Be sure to come back for more Iron Man goodness.

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