Monday, May 31, 2010

Iron Man 2: Action Figures

Hi There!
With May (Iron Man Month) ending I decided to at least make one more (Iron Man related)
post before it's over. But don't worry I'll talk about my favorite superhero from time to time.
Today I'd like to talk about two Iron Man figures from the movie and concept series that I got for FREE!
No, I didn't steal them...
I went to Khols and used two coupons. -^^-
So here they are:
Mark V Iron Man and Deep Dive Armor
 My Thoughts and more Pictures after the Jump
Oh yeah, and See Iron Man go toe to toe with GI-JOE and Cobra.
Cross Over Madness!

First Up is the Mark V Iron Man (Suitcase Armor)

One of the things I like about the new Iron Man Figures is how they are around the same size as the GI-JOE Rise of Cobra and 25th Anniversary Figures, so they're pretty compatible with each other. One of the things that has bothered me about them is a lot of the ones I've seen are terribly painted. The thankfully the ones I got aren't painted to badly. Their articulation is almost on par with GI-JOE. The reason I say "almost" is because the ball jointed waist don't always move or move right. For example my Mark V's right leg won't go up or down. But unlike GI-JOE figures, they have articulated thighs which allows for different poses.
Overall, I really like the Mark V Iron Man. Even with it's few faults it's a fun figure. Also another thing I like is he comes with interchangeable hands for his left hand. One fist and one gripping which is used to carry his Missile Launcher Suitcase. Like they say "Two suitcases are better than one" Especially if your Iron Man.

Next Up is the Deep Dive Iron Man
This was one of the first figures I wanted when I first saw the prototype pictures some time back.
It doesn't really look like Iron Man to me though. My Mom thought he was some bad guy when she first saw him. 
Well, that's what I have been planing on using him for in the first place.
In my world, he's not a single character but a super advanced modified and bulkier copy of Iron Man that is made by M.A.R.S. and used by the Terrorist Organization known as Cobra.
It's either an armor worn by a selected few from the viper ranks or a Remotely Controlled Drone Trooper.
As for the figure itself, like most Iron Man figures it is highly detailed and highly articulated. One of the things I like more about this one compared to the previous one (Mark V) is that both of his legs are able to go up and down, but with the side panels that's all they can do, so no thigh articulation. The other is that his head can look up unlike almost every other Iron Man figure I've come across. Even though nearly all the them have ball jointed necks most of them only can look left and right. Two thing that do set this figure back is: No articulated wrist, and his knees are a little funky.
But other than that he's a great figure.
Very Imposing and Powerful...Just like Cobra.

Now I leave you with some other pictures I took for fun.

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