Thursday, December 1, 2011

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Minimates Review: Iron Man and Arthur

Hi there!
This here is my review of the newest Minimates that recently came out that are from the crossover fighting game: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
That includes Marvel's Iron Man and Capcom's Arthur

For those of you who don't know what Minimates are:
Minimates are 2 inch Lego-like action figures that have 14 points of articulation, have interchangeable parts, and have various lines like Marvel, Ghost Busters, Halo, and more to choose from.

Anyway find out my thoughts on these minimates after the jump!

First we have the Marvel's heroic armored avenger who has become quite popular in recent years thanks to having two movies (first in 2008 and the second in 2010) and another two on the way (The Avengers and Iron Man 3). What kind of man is he? He's an Iron Man. No! The Iron Man!

It's a very nice looking minimate with it's metallic coloring and it's clever reuse of parts from previous Iron Man variants (like the Iron Man Movie version hands and the boots from Extremis Iron Man).
I think the Helmet and Chest pieces are new. But I could be wrong since I haven't been regularly collecting minimates for a little while till these were released. 
Now he doesn't have nearly as much sculpted detail like his movie counterpart, but in this case I believe that to be a good thing because it makes him look slender and less bulky and he seems to have a better range of motion. I think anyway. ^^
Only beef (darn it, now I'm hungry..) I have with the actual minimate is the helmet. Now I really like it..but it seems the printing on it isn't lined up with the rest of the helmet properly. 
Other than that, everything looks pretty good to me.
"Where's my helmet?"

Also he has facial detail with out the helmet on which looks nice. Unlike most of the others that have skin tone head with an extra hair piece, this one does not. Surprisingly I don't mind it, but welcome it because I like the look that even without the helmet on he's still armored up.
He has a hole in his head to fit the helmet's peg into his head firmly without being too loose or too tight like some of the older minimates.

One of my favorite things to do with Iron Man when I would be playing Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (I haven't played the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3...yet anyway.) was to use his Proton Cannon. Now it's here in minimate form. Now it's not super oversized like it is in the game...but it's really detailed and I just love it!
Though I'm not sure how he's supposed to hold it thanks to his hands being opened at a side-ways position, so that's a minus.
It also come with a clear stand (which is kinda bent...) that can be used for the Proton Cannon or....

as a flight stand!
Now that what I call multipurpose. I like how it looks and fits both the Cannon and the minimate fairly well because it's a little loose on a minimate's foot. But it still works.
He comes with an extra set of hands that are for when he's flying.
As seen in the picture here--->
I think they also add even more to his playability.
Overall it's a very solid minimate that has a good amount of sculpted and non-sculpted parts with accessories that compliment it nicely. PROTON CANNON!!!

Next up is the heroic knight from Capcom's Ghosts 'n Goblins: Arthur
Whom as a character...I know nearly nothing about..^^;

As a minimate though, I must say that he looks quite nice with his silver armor and weapons.
All his parts appear to be new, though yet again I could be wrong as I mentioned earlier.
His arms,boots,waist piece, and helmet are all sculpted. I really like the detail on these parts, like: the shoulder guards on his arms, and the boots etc...
The helmet I really like and it makes me think how cool it'd be if the they made Castle themed minimates..or maybe even...Soul Calibur minimates! 8D
What!? A guy can dream...can't he?
I also like the cartoony look of his face (though some of the printing was rubbed off by the helmet).
His waist piece restricts his leg a little but not much surprisingly and doesn't really take away from his playability.
He comes with a Shield, an Axe, a Lance, and a Clear Stand (which I'm not sure why).
The Axe is my favorite of the bunch because it looks cool and fits in his hand nicely. His Lance is alright but its tip is pretty bent which kinda get's me bent outta shape. X3
His Shield has a good amount of detailing and slips on and off his arm fairly well. The only thing that bugs me about is the position. Because I would think the shield would be up right when his arm is bent instead of when his arm is straight down. It's kinda hard to describe in words.
Otherwise I think he's a cool and fun looking minimate with a good amount of playability with a nice assortment of weapons and accessories.

So as a two pack of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 minimates I'd say it's a good one and if you like any of the character's or the game or minmates in general and would recommend you pick up this back at your local comic shop or Toys R Us.

 I am sorry I don't have packaging pictures but my camera refused to take any that didn't look like crap. -.-
Hopefully the next (or the one after that) I am able to provide pictures of them.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading the review and hope you'll come back for more reviews and otther things I may post this season.


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