Thursday, December 8, 2011

News: New Soul Calibur 5 Videos

Well as some of you might know, I am very excited for the latest installment of the popular weapon based fighting game series: Soul Calibur 5
And with only a month or two away til it's official release in the US (January 31st 2012), there has been plenty of new videos and info on what's to come like these two new videos below:

It might surprise you that Soul Calibur 4 was meant to be the last game in the series because the team behind it split up and went to work on other games. But thanks to fans of the series that clamored for a new and improved installment to the series be made. Namco listened and here we are. Now they plan to make up to at least Soul Calibur 9. XD
Anyway about the video, It seems to be trying to show what happened in SC4 and how it will lead into SC5 which I think is a nice touch since the game takes place 17 years after SC4.
I am hopeful that the story mode will be much better and actually have a story unlike SC4.
The graphics look quite nice for the cutscenes and that it looks really good so far.
Also Siegfriedis so awesome in this is Nightmare.
Thought I should mention that the music is epic. So glad I'm getting the soundtrack with my Collector's Edition. : )

Most info in this video won't be anything too new to fans that are keeping a close eye on things but it has it's gems and it's pretty good for someone who might not know much about Soul Calibur and possibly getting them interested.
Seeing a clip from story mode, shows how cool Patroclus (the son of Sophitia not "Sofeshea") is.
Also gameplay of Yoshi, Cervantes, Xiba (who seems to have a few of Seong Mi-na's moves), and Aeon Calcos (Formally Lizardman) was also shown.
Also it seems that there will possibly be two original movesets exclusive to custom characters that can be made. Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed makes an appearance as a guest character and fits in with the rest of the cast nearly flawlessly.

I can't help but think that the announcer of the video knows very little about the Soul Calibur series I believe since things like Nightmae's "Living Sword" (Soul Edge) seemed to surprise him and that the "graphics are as good as a FPS" (First Person Shooter).
Yeah...otherwise both are cool videos and I suggest you watch them if your interested in Soul Calibur 5.

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