Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Minimates Review : X-23 Vs Felicia

Hello there!
This here is my review of some Minimates that I got a few months back,
that are from the crossover fighting game: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Which includes: X-23 and Felicia

For those of you who don't know what Minimates are:
Minimates are 2 inch Lego-like action figures that have 14 points of articulation, have interchangeable parts, and have various lines like Marvel, Ghost Busters, Halo, and more to choose from.

Anyway find out my thoughts on these minimates after the jump!

First off we have Marvel's X-23
Cloned from a damaged Wolverine gene sample and created to be the perfect killing machine.
X-23 not only has two claws in each hand, but has one in each foot and is a master of multiple forms of martial arts. But I suppose you could say she's a kinda like a gender bend of Wolverine in a sense.

Even though X-23 wasn't one of the reasons I bought (and wanted) this two pack, I still thought from the pictures that she looked like a pretty cool minimate.
She has clawed hands and feet (which I think is a first) which is cool. The detailing is pretty nice and
I find myself really liking her face design. Her hair piece is cool and seems to allow some movement of her head which is good.

But sadly with all that said..there is one big flaw that bothers me. Basically her head and torso's skin color doesn't match with her arms' and her hands' skin color. The reason why is because while her head and torso are made of skin tone plastic, her arms and hands are made with black plastic with the skin tone painted on. Now I think something like this may have happened before but here it is painfully noticeable. Even in my pictures there is no hiding it.
So that is my biggest issue with her, besides her claws on her hands being all bent outta shape (but that can be possibly fixed unlike her skin problem).

As for accessories, she comes with a "Dashing" or "Sprinting" stand which is kinda cool with the sculpted smoke details and can be pretty neat for display.

So she's still a fun minimate to play with and isn't terrible looking but yeah if not for her distracting skin problem, I think I may have actually found myself liking her a lot more.

From Capcom comes Felicia!
Since her first appearance in the monster fighting game series: Darkstalkers,
 this kind and cheerful Cat-Girl has become quite a popular character with fans and is one of it's best known characters (beside Morrigan Aensland), making her appearance in the Marvel vs. Capcom series of fighting games.

The reason I actually bought this pack was to get my hands on this Felicia minimate.
Ever since that time she was supposed to be released in the Second Series of Street Fighter and Darkstalker Minimates some years back that never was, I've wanted to add her to my collection.

Now that they made her and released her in the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 series, I finally have her!
Which means I can tell you what I think.

I love it, it's so cute looking!
Well I suppose I should go into detail about her details and maybe about her tail? X3
Even though she might be a basic minimate, this is where the sculpted pieces really make it shine since she has a really nice hair piece with cat ears,paws, and a tail (which is a waist piece) which all have nicely painted details too.
Her torso and face look great! She has little details on her arms and legs too.

You may notice that her legs' skin tone is slightly different from her head,torso,and arms' skin color.
Well like X-23, her legs are made of white plastic unlike the rest of her which is made of skin color plastic. Why is this not an issue here? Because in person it's not as noticeable and looks clean unlike X-23 who also had a sloppy paint job which I forgot to mention in her section. I'm getting sloppy! xD

Also, as for her accessories: She comes with a clear stand which is always well and is great for display.

Overall I think this is not a bad Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Minimates two pack, even with it's flaws.
It's a fun pack with cool & cute characters that are fairly detailed, come with neat accessories, and are still very playable.
So if you like any of the characters or the game or minmates in general, I would still recommend you pick up this pack at your local comic shop.

Packaged Shot
Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading the review and checking out my pics!
If you have any thoughts, I'd love if you'd share them ^.^


  1. You bugger. I can't find those two ANYWHERE! XD

    1. Hehe.
      I actually ordered them from Luke's Toy Store a little while back. :3
      Not sure If he still has them.
      I need to get my hands on the new Street Fighter x Tekken packs! >.<