Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Your name is GRELL SUTCLIFF.
You're a young man (teenager) who does fairly well with his studies (to the surprise of some) and you have many interest. DEATH fascinates you to no end. As do the beings related to Death like Grimreapers,Angels of Death, and Shinigami.
RED is your favorite color since it is the color of passion. Also it's just an awesome color (like how a red ferrari is an awesome car).
You like music, which is why you're learning to play that cool guitar you have by your dresser and have a poster of ADAM LAMBERT.
On that dresser, you have a nice mirror where you have your HAIR BRUSH and NAIL POLISH so you can properly get you sexy self ready. You have your custom made (little) DEATH SCYTHE you made in wood class. Oh! Also you have a DEATH NOTE that you found laying around on the school's grass. It says if you write their name in it they'll die. You really want to try it out but you haven't had much time and you're not sure who to use it on first.
Like any normal person you have a COMPUTER which you use to chat with people,play music, reseach, and other things. You have and APPLE on your DESK since you just love apples.
With your love of Death and Red, it kinda makes sense that you like movies that have a bit of blood in the since you seem to have a bloody good time watching them.
Well with that all out of the way what will you do?

Well thanks to a friend getting me into HomeStuck and since I joined a homestuck group but didnt have any homestuck cosplays I did Grell (younger version) (and Ciel)where it's as if he were homestuck. So thanks to that I have become inspired to make Kuroshitsuji/HomeStuck related crossover art and stories.
I hope you all like it. :)

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