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My Thoughts on Florida SuperCon 2012!

Last year I attended the Florida SuperCon for my first time.
Well this year on June 30th (last Saturday) I went to SuperCon once again!

Meeeeooow? Perhaps? ;3
This year I cosplayed as Cheshire Cat Grell (From Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji :Ciel in Wonderland).
The shirt,pants,gloves, and glasses from my Improved version of my Grell outfit I wore to Hurricon.
The shoes are new and are the ones I actually wore for the first time with my Modern Day Grell outfit to a meet up last month. The vest was from my very first Grell cosplay as was the Wig (with hair extensions).
My friend Becca (the Grell I met at the last SuperCon) actually gave me the Ears (made outta Sculpy with fur glued on), Tail (wired with fur over it), and Leg warmers (?). ^^

Anyway, I you wanna See and Read more about my experience at SuperCon and if it was even more "super" than last year, then ya better hit the "Read More" button.
Also you can See all the pictures here on My FaceBook Page .

Well this year was pretty stressful leading up to Super thanks to a lot of reasons including family,cosplay, and other stuff but even so I still made it to SuperCon in one piece (no, not in a one piece ;3 ).
Had my share of trouble getting this cosplay ready before the con,but thankfully I got most of it done and most of the outfit was complete. Though I was disappointed that I didn't have the scarf and the purple with pink feathered heels.
 These heels were pretty good I guess since at the meetup they were really a hit with the chicks.
Yes, I can talk about shoes, clothes, makeup, and other girly things and still be straight. I think. XD

Me and a lil cute Ciel.  Wait Is that Nick Fury?! And With Hair!? XD

Anyway! More about the Con!
Well I think this year's was much bigger than last year's since
1. Just getting into the parking lot took 30mins. to an hour (not a very fun part but..)
2. There were cooler guest this year (like Michael J. Tatum, more on him later..<3)
3. The dealers room seemed to have more vendors with more stuff
4. There were a lot more people attending too.

So anyway we waited in the large line to go up to get our tickets. It took us much longer to get in the dang parking lot than it did to get tickets, go figure. XD
Of course the first thing I did was enter the dealer's room.
While shopping, I did have girls come up to me ask for my picture.
It wasn't like last year though, where I was stopped nearly every couple of steps for a pic, which I didn't mind but kinda missed it at the same time.
Grell! Grell! Power Rangers! :D
Then while I the dealer's room I looked desperately for a Ciel and Sebastian poster to have
Michael J. Tatum sign but to my dismay they were all Trancy and Claude posters.
Until like the holy grail, I found the last one buried beneath all of them one lone Ciel and Sebastian poster. Then I hurried to the HALL OF FAME!
Me finally walking up to him after he heard my Grell voice. :3
Tho from this angle my wig looks pretty bad. >.<
Well I waited in line to meet Michael J. Tatum (the Voice of Sebastian and many other anime characters).
Finally! When I got up there, I did my Grell voice and you all might remember how when I did it last year everyone thought I sounded like him and all that jazz, right?
Well so did Michael and a fellow voice actress, you might be able to see in the pic above.

He was so awesome! >///<

We had a nice little talk between Grell and Sebby, and the of course afterward I told him how I've always loved his work in Anime way before he became Sebby and how now since then, everytime I hear him in other anime I will always refer to him as Sebastian. X///D
Also He said his fav character from Black Butler was Grell! X////D

Michael signing my poster! ♥
Of course while there I had him sign the poster I got. ^^
Funny thing was that when I got home and looked at it, I couldn't believe what he wrote:
  "To a sexy Grell With much love, Michael J. Tatum"

OMGosh Squeee! X///3
Also before I left He hugged me so tight that my wig almost came off. :///D
Of course I hugged him as tight as I could too.

I have to say that I thought he was cool before I met him, but afterwards...
I think he's extremely super awesomely cool!
 I just fell in love with his personality and stuff.

So glad I went to his Q & A afterwards too. :///D
But I suppose I can get to that later.
Or I can talk about it now!

Well...basically when he finally picked me, I said "Hi Sebby!"- in my Grell voice and then asked him in my normal voice (dang it! should've did the whole thing in Grell voice >.<) what he thought of the Sebastian and Grell as a "pairing".

Well thanks to someone who put this on youtube and can see what he answered arounf 9:06 in the video

He said he thought it was incredibly hot! Squee! X/////3
Also that he did have a thing for redheads. ;3

I will say for sure that everything with Michael J. Tatum was the highlight of the con for me and I still can't stop talking about it. Ahhhh....<3 <3

But I suppose I should talk about some the other cool things too, like how I got to meet my Xbox buddy for the first time OFFLINE and in real life. XD
Me and Jarred
Well we met up right after I got my poster signed (by Michael...<3 ).
I gotta admit I thought he'd probably be taller than me..but dang!
Even with 2inch thick high heels on I still was pretty short compared to him. XD
He came all the way down from northern Florida to meet up with me and our friend Vinny
(who I met at the last Supercon in the game room while sweating to death).
Jarred and Vinny with the Umbrella Corp Troops
The three of us hung out pretty much and went around taking pics, shopping (YES!), going to panels (or whatever they call 'em), and see some of my friends too during the festivities.
Like my friend Chantel (who I met at Hurricon) that was cosplaying as Ciel (from Ciel in Wonder).
It was wonderful! We were both from WonderLand! Yay! :3
Also got to see another friend of mine that I met at hurricon (who was the female Sebby)
who was in Kingdom Hearts cosplay as Aqua (I think..right?).
Saw my friend (from Supercon and Hurricon) in his Halo Spartan Amor
(I think he was Master Chief this time) once again and had a pic taken of us.
I noticed there were a lot more Halo cosplayers this time around but it was nice to find "my" Spartan. ;D
Even though I first I didn't know it was actually him when I asked for a pic. X///D

Ran into (not exactly in the literal sense) plenty of my other friends too,
but sadly I didn't get a chance to have a pictures taken with all of them. >.<

But...hehe, I did finally find Darth Vader! :D

Yes I looked and I didn't find one last year, but this year I did and I wasn't gonna let him escape my grasp this time!
So I asked him for a picture. Yes...I was very happy to finally get a pic with him.
I've loved Darth Vader since I was six. He's always been my favorite character.
Though Grell is getting very close to Vader. ;3

One thing that happened that got me pretty down (that I even missed the Black Butler meetup) was that my tail got lost... :(
Not sure when exactly it happened but's gone. I bet while in the dealer's room or something it got caught on someone's cosplay and yeah. Not sure how since it was tied to my waist pretty tightly.
But yeah I change out of it into my...Ciel outfit.
Honestly I actually liked wearing it (tho no one got any pics of below my waist which is where all the my hard work I put into it went. Also my cute shoes) and it was actually pretty comfortable. But I think if I do him again, I got to practice how Ito not smile (since as him he rarely smiles unlike Grell).
On top of that I had to leave early since my friend who drove me wasn't feeling good so I missed the conest. I wasn't going to enter anyway, and I totally wasn't when I lost my tail but I kinda wanted to stay and watch.

Though even though there were some set backs (unlike last year) for me personally,
 I gotta say that SuperCon overall was pretty awesome this year and I had a blast!


I got a lot more goodies this time around too! Which is always a good thing. ;3
That plus 4 posters (will take pics of later), I think I did pretty nicely.

Anyway! SuperCon was bigger and better than ever and I can't wait to go next year and hope that'll it'll be even better!

Head over to my My FaceBook Page to see the rest of the Pics I got and their lil stories behind them!

Later Lovies! <3

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