Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My First Time at Florida SuperCon 2011

Hi there,
You might remember a few months back that I had won Best Adult Celebrity Costume with my John Lennon (Beatles) outfit at the 1960's themed ComicStock with the prize of two tickets to Florida SuperCon.
 Well last Saturday (July 2) was finally it.
 Read more about my experience at SuperCon and find out if it really was "super". ;)
Also there will be more pictures after the jump and you can also check them out here at my Album on Facebook too if you like.

I was slightly disappointed with how my costume came out because there was a few things I didn't get to add to it (like the chainsaw prop) but to my surprise it was very well received.
Right after I finished with the registration I entered the dealer's room and as I walk in I have people asking for my picture. Every couple steps I made, I was stopped for a picture.
So I guess girls (and some guys too) really liked the costume and how I looked in it from all the pics they took of me and all the ones that came up and hugged me. Also, I'm thinking my Grell voice added a nice touch since many thought I sounded like him and squealed when they heard me.
 I was quite popular with the ladies. : )
Grell's a chick magnet.
 Managed to bump into some fellow Black Butler Cosplayers throughout the day and ended up hanging out with some of them too. Never got near a Sebby (Sebastian) though, because the were either taken by another Grell or (like the first one) ran away. : (
 But I did get myself a little plushie Sebastian from a vendor not too long after I arrived because when I saw it I was so Grell-like that I just had to have it. He too was pretty popular with the ladies. ;)
Grell and Ciel with a little Sebby
It was really something when they would realize that I was actually a guy since he's mostly cosplayed by girls because of his girly looks and stuff. Glad I liked his voice enough try to imitate it because I think that really got 'em too.
I also found plenty of Ciels (all of which had no idea where the Sebastians were) and a few Trancys too.
All of them being totally adorable!

 Also met up with my (Grell's) female counterpart. I think we made a pretty good pair. It was Grelltastic.
Her outfit was quite nice and accurate to the material. Also she had a chainsaw. If only there were enough Sebbys to go around for all us Grells.
Two Grells are better than one.
Also me and some Black Butler cosplayers were looking for the cosplay contest sign up booth and we were pretty much walking around aimlessly while no one (including the staff) knew where it was. But when we found it, it was like finding the promised land after going around the mountain (or in this case hallways).
Finally found our destination
A few things about the con did annoy me somewhat, like how some rooms had no AC while others did.
For example: I was in the gaming room sweating my butt off with a Nero cosplayer (who looked pimpin' with purple leather and stuff) while waiting for a Super Smash Bros tournament to start, meanwhile my friend is in the room across from us and she had full blast AC and chairs! So yeah lot of the parts of the con where hot...and not in the sexy way either...though there were plenty of hot cosplayers but I'll talk about them later. ;)
 It also seemed a little disorganized and behind schedule since it appeared that they were having some technical difficulties. 
Though even with all the waiting and stuff, it wasn't so bad because I ended up meeting some really cool and talented people during that time. I wish I had pictures of all of them but sadly my friend who had the camera wasn't with me the whole time, cus everyone I met had wonderful cosplays.

Red is all the rage now days.
Grell (Black Butler) and Vash (Trigun)
Can't believe I didn't remember seeing him before entering the contest but I took a pic of the white Spartan and his brother earlier that day (see below). Then again, I saw a lot of costumes so I guess it happens.
Anyways, me and him hung out together for a while since we both put our entries in pretty late (we were like the last ones beside Lego man to enter) and we managed to help each other out while were waiting.

I helped him with his armor when it would get out of place and he let me use his face as a mirror so I could do my hair. Hey, Cosplayers gotta stick together ya know.
Kick A$$ Spartans from HALO
While we (the two Grells, regular and maid Tracys, and Ciel in the dress) waited in the back behind the stage we met this an Asuka cosplayer (Neon Genesis Evangelion) that had been cosplaying for a while and had experience with making costumes and stuff who gave us first timers some pointers on what we should do on stage and how we could improve our costumes in the future.Since she was in Asuka's school uniform she said a lot of people couldn't figure out what anime series she was from which was disappointing. I knew who she was when I first saw her but we were all in the back room and I didn't have the camera with me otherwise I'd would have probably taken a pic of (or with) her since even though it wasn't necessarily "flashy" and  looked like a simple costume , it was very faithful to the source material.
I entered the contest because my friends wanted me to but I didn't really want to since like I had said earlier, I wasn't confident that my costume would stand a chance against the others considering mine wasn't all the way finished yet.
But I'm still glad I did enter anyway because it was still fun and all even though I didn't win (neither did the other Grell sadly) it was really cool to go up on stage (in front of God knows how many people) and strut my stuff and pose. ^^
Me on stage
I was kinda nervous so I kinda did my poses a little too fast so it was hard for my friend to get a good picture of me on stage after waiting an hour or so before the contest began. bout that. ^^;

Overall I had a good time and I'm hoping to be able to attend next year even with some of the minor (and hot) set backs it had.  I'm looking forward to it.

Anyone else attend SuperCon? Did you think it was "super"?
Post your thoughts in the comment section below to let your voice be heard.

So now I leave with some pics I took below and if you wanna see more then check 'em out at Facebook
Panty & Stocking
Black Cat and Spider-Man are back in Black

Simon "Ghost" Riley
From Modern Warfare 2

Cast of Avatar the Last Airbender.
If only I had found an Aang, then I would have had all the elements: Water,Earth,Fire, and Air.
The Wario Brothers with Mario and Shy Guy and someone I don't know...^^;
Ulquiorra from Bleach
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  1. AAHHH I SEE US (<--Toph, talking about her avatar group) I loved your cosplay! The way you walked over to us and spoke was so grell-like, I was kinda squeeing after you left. I had to explain to my friends who you were and why you were doing such a great job! <3 also, an accurate report of the con. I have to say though, its an improvement from last year. There was more A/C this year actually, and it seemed that a lot more panels actually went through this year as opposed to last year. And the addition of the cosplay medics was absolutley GENIUS. anyways, thats my 2 cents!

  2. Hi Spikie!
    Aw! Why Thank You. -^^- I liked your cosplay and your Avatar group's cosplays too. :)
    Good to know it's improving, so maybe it'll be even better next year. Give us some more A/C next year and I bet it'll be cool. I think they still did a good job though. Totally agree about the cosplay medics, awesome idea.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. :D
    Oh and thanks for the change. jk XD

  3. You know you handled stage
    -much better than me
    did you rehearse pre-con? (Becca)

  4. Really? Aw, why Thank you. -^^-
    I bet you did well too.
    No I did not. I actually did most of the rehearsing while we were waiting in the back.
    Thinking of what poses to do and then in what order to do them. Thankfully they weren't too complicated.

  5. Grell...stop attempting to molest Sebastian..and go make me a sammich.
    - Itachi.

  6. @ Itachi
    Why? Cus it's my thing. And it's not my fault they (Sebastians) don't know what they're missing out on. ;3
    Just because I'm a beautiful woman doesn't mean you can order me around like that.
    But for someone as handsome as you I don't think I mind making you one. >:3

  7. I want you on my sammich. Naked.

    - Itachi

  8. @ Itachi
    Oh Really? OOoh! I wouldn't mind doing that one bit. Esspecially for such a handsome fellow like yourself. ;3
    Hearts n Kisses