Monday, January 11, 2010

Freezing My Butt off in the Sunshine State

Believe it or not.
Most people come here to escape the cold weather from up North but it looks like is caught up with them. Truthfully I would have really like if it had been like this around Christmas instead of the heat we had.
<-No, that's not anywhere near where I live.
No snow where I live (to my disappointment),but it's still cold for my standards and many other people who live in this state too.
Not only that but it rained yesterday which made it even colder outside.
Over here it's normally hot or sometimes cool (like lower 70's or something).
Now whenever I go out I have to bulk up in clothing and by the time I'm done I look like an Eskimo (I have jacket with the fur in the hood) and I gain a few pounds with it all on.
I hate the heat but I don't exactly like the bitter cold either.
I would like a happy medium, please.
Though I've enjoyed having the Hot Chocolate and other warn delights. :D
That and Also my long hair for keeping my head warm. :P
Anyhow, it's starting to warm up a little (now in the 40's) and it's supposed into the 60's tomorrow. Yay!

Talk to ya later! :)

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