Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Two Days Ago...

...I turned 18! Yay!
It was a good Birthday.
I went to Church in the Movie Theater. Then after eating in the mall food court and what not, we all (or at least some of us, since most went to see Batman: The Dark Knight) went to see Wall-E. I wanted to see this movie for a while since it looked (dare I say it)...Cute. ^^'
It was cute,funny,romantic,entertaining,and a very well done movie. Unlike most movies as of late where it's either targeting and adult audience or a younger audience,while this one can be viewed by any age and still be enjoyed for it's interesting,enteraining,comedic,and romantic story line.
Also, seeing how the humans looked after 700+ years of doing nothing and having technology do everything for them, was an interesting (and somewhat funny) part of the story.
Watching Wall-E and Eve's relationship grow was fun to watch. They're so cute together! ^_^
And there was action too.
I highly recommend seeing this fun family friendly movie.
What do you think of Wall-E?
Love it? Hate it?
Post your thoughts and reviews.


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