Friday, July 18, 2008

Brick Forge Review Part 2! :)

Hi there and welcome to part 2 of my review of BrickForge items.
To see Part One of my review, just scroll down.
Thank You. :)

Now moving of with the rest of my review...

Above we have (from left to right) my Roman Gladiator, Roman Soldier,Roman Legionary, and Sheep.

First, we have my Roman Gladiator who is equipped with a Bronze Gladiator Helmet,a Bronze Gladiator Mask,a pair of Bronze Vambraces (which were reviewed before, but in Sliver)and a Bronze Trident.

The Helmet and the Mask are two separate pieces which allows for great customizability, since you can switch around with the colors or you can just use the helmet by itself or vise versa. They are nice and detailed and look really great together. Though the only the complaint I have is that the helmet can pop off sometimes when the mask is on, other than looks really cool!
Now for the Trident, it is detailed and will look good with your Gladiators or Atlanteans or any Warriors really.

Next, we have a Roman Soldier who has Hero Hair and uses a Gladius.

The Hero Hair is pretty nice and is detailed. Even though it might not look right on every head because it tends to cover up eyebrows and whatnot, it looks great on the right head. Also if you don't put it on all the down on the head it looks good on any head and doesn't cover up the eyebrows ans still allows movement to the head with out falling off.

The Gladius has style and detail that's sharp (literally).

Here, we have a Roman Legionary who wears a Bronze Legionary Helmet with a Red Pilum and he armed with a Bronze Roman Shield and a Bronze Commander Crest (which I'll be calling a spear for the rest of the review).

The Pilum adds detail to the already detailed Legionary Helmet (which is very cool looking).
The Roman Shield (like the Knight Shield) is smooth and looks great!
The Spear is detailed and very nice.

Oops... almost forgot the Sheep. ^^'
Lastly, the Sheep is very Lego like and will fit in with any Setup and sand out. Here is my army guy who's here to show you all the free goodies I received with my order. ^_^

He's has a Grey Hero Hair and he's armed with Brown Military Rifle.

Since I already reviewed the Hero Hair before (see my Roman Soldier above) I review the Military Rifle.

Now truth be told, I really didn't like the military rifle from seeing the pictures since it looked to big to me and it just didn't look right. Now I have one and I think it looks pretty good(especially when being held from the top), maybe a little big though it's still nice and detailed.

All in all, I gotta say that BrickForge has some very nice,detailed and all around great products. Good Customer Service, too. Highly Recommened!

When you place your order, don't forget to tell'em I sent ch'ya!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed reading my Review (I'm kind of new to reviewing stuff).

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