Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brick Forge Review Part 1! :D

Hi there and welcome to my review of BrickForge items.

Brick Forge specializes in making custom accessories for LEGO® Minifigures.
It's run by two of the finest minifig customizers around - RedBean & Armothe.

It was a long while since I had last ordered from them and once I saw the new items they came out with after BrickWorld (I wish I could've been there), I had to get my hands on 'em.
So I placed an order with them at their new online store.
My Mom ended up buying them for me as an earily Birthday (which is in four days^-^) present.
After I ordered, it said it would take 5 to 7 days, but came in three days (that's not even counting Sunday). Awesome! :D

Above are my Holy Crusaders and my Arabic Warrior.
Starting from the Left, we have my Sliver Knight with a Sliver Military Sword
It's more detailed than your avarge Lego sword and looks pretty nice in sliver. It doesn't look bad in Dark Grey either ,as you can see my black robed crusader holding (that sword was from another order from a while back, but I wanted to add the figure to the picture so I did).
Next is my Holy Crusader, which is outfitted with a Sliver Great Helm and a pair of Sliver Vambraces (which are hard to see in this picture, sadly), he armed with a Sliver Hero Sword (I bought it a while, but It looked really cool so...) and a Sliver Knights Sheild.
The Great Helm is very detailed with a cross, eye holes , and other things. The Knights Shield is very nice and smooth and will look great with any Midevil Warrior. The Vambraces are nice and add detail to any fig, though they can restrict movement of the arms if they're not put on right.
Lastly, is the Arabic Wariorr who wears a White Turban and uses a Sliver Khopesh. The Turban is really cool and customizeable, because it's top can be taken off to switch with Arabian Helmet (which I don't have yet) or with other colors, etc. The Khopesh is very unique and a very interesting weapon.

Above are my Custom Space Troopers, which are both outfited with Space Marine Helmets,
Space Marine Visors (Gold and Sliver), and Space Marine Armors.
Doesn't that Armor look familiar?Haven't you seen it before?Doesn't look like something from a EXTREMELY popular video game? If you haven't figured it out yet, it's because it's based of the main character of the popular video game HALO, Master Cheif.
I only need three words to discribes these: Cool , Detailed , Awesome.
The sand green one isn't perfect match with LEGO® Sand Green (which Armothe said will be corrected in the future), but still looks really cool.
Even though I've never played any of the HALO games (big shock...I know, but I'm considering), I really like the Space Marines and can see myself buying more of these (after the restock) to put in my Legoverse
Stay tuned for my "Brick Forge Review Part 2" to find out what else I ended up getting and find out what I think about Brick Forge's items.
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Thanks for reading! :)

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