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Around July, Namco-Bandai registered the trademark "Soul Calibur: Lost Swords", and nothing more was known about what kind of game it could be. For the last few months there has been much speculation as to what this game would be.
Another sequel to the previous Soul Calibur game? A spin-off  like Soul Calibur: Legends ?"
No one knew, until just recently (last week):
Thanks to Gematsu
Soulcalibur: Lost Swords is in development for PlayStation 3, the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu reveals.
Details are currently slim, other than that it’s a free-to-play title.
 Then just a few days after:

With even more details that would emerge afterwards like:
The fact that it would be more of a single player experience with weapons having elemental effects (I.E. Fire,Water,Earth,Wind, and etc.) with each having their own strengths and weakness as well as having the same fighting system of Soul Calibur 5 with some new features (like Elements).
It'll be exclusive to the PS3 this upcoming winter.

I have my share of thoughts on this news and about the returning character that makes it's appearance in the trailer above.

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Screen Shot from Gematsu
First off, why must it only be a PS3 exclusive? As an Xbox360 gamer and as a Soul Calibur gamer I am already disappointed that I will not be able to take part in this new tale of Souls and Swords eternally retold.
I have heard from various sources that the reason why, is because Microsoft doesn't have a system that would allow for Free- to-Play games in the LIVE Marketplace unlike the Sony's PS3 Marketplace.
I don't know for sure but still very disappointed.
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Another thing that does surprise me as well is the main focus of the game is for a "Single Player Experience".
Being that the Soul Calibur series is a fighting game franchise and with it's last game putting most it's efforts into the Multi-Player (and not much else...) , making this game as a Free-to-Play and single player is quite odd but possibly understandable since I think they are trying to attract new and different kinds of players.
With the new features like  it's new elemental system that will let players customize weapons and create new weapons with five elements,earth,water, wind, fire, and electric. Each weapon in Lost Swords will have an element associated with it, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Players will find those elements (and other loot) through drops when defeating enemies. Also it seems to be much flashier with the way attacks look.
Screen Shot from Gematsu
Sophita makes her return to the battlefield in the trailer above for Soul Calibur: Lost Swords
as one of the three known playable characters.
It's actually one of the reasons I'm even more disappointed that's it's only a PS3 exclusive.
Makes sense for them to have her in this installment since she is one of the few female characters from the series that is as well known as Taki or Ivy.
Also now it also makes more sense that she is actually going to be a guest character in
Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate which was announced in July with a magazine scan and appearance in the trailer as well.

I like Sophita and she looks like she'll be fun to play as, with (hopefully most of) her signature moves and new Critical Edge(s?) as seen in the trailer.

Screen Shot from Gematsu
Well as much as I wish this was a Xbox360 title as well, I still am hopeful that this will be a good game that will help build a bigger fanbase and bring in new players to the series.
This experiment to explore new features that Namco-Bandai are trying to implement should be interesting to watch and see how this new chapter will unfold.

Also I still have Soul Calibur 2 HD Online to look forward to coming out this fall.
So yeah I'm still gonna get my share of a Soul Cal fix. xD

Anyway thanks for reading and also sharing your thoughts as well in the comment section below.

Screen Shot from Gematsu

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