Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fanart From Soul Calibur 2: Nightmare/Siegfried

Hi there! Been too long since I've last posted and new fanart. Anyway! x'D
Here is my latest fanart of Nightmare from Soul Calibur 2 in his Player 2 Outfit.
Nightmare and Siegfried are two of my favorite characters from the medieval fighting game series for how different and how similar they are, especially since they were the same character (Like in Soul Calibur 2).
Siegfried has been a fav of mine for his looks, his character development, and his unique mix-up/mind games play style. He is actually the first character I really liked enough to train and actually play seriously with, when I first played Soul Calibur 4 before I took fighting games seriously (beside Smash Bros Series).
Also I have began to like Nightmare even more nowadays with his looks, his character development, and his aggressive play style.

As for the picture, I drew it after hearing of the exciting news that Soul Calibur 2 is going to be brought into the current gaming consoles in HD and Online!
So Inspired by that news, I drew Nightmare in one of my favorite outfits of his that shows a bit of how both of them were once one in the same.
I just recently had some time and desire to color it in and I tried to add in some shaded details.

Anyway I hope you all like it!
Comments And Constructive Criticism Welcome.

Art By: AJV (Me)
Character Created By: Namco Bandai

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