Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Welcome a new member to the Holiday Girl family!

Hi there!
Well with it being that time of year, with pumpkins,costumes,black cats, and all that other stuff you can probably figure out what I'm talking about.

Even though I personally don't celebrate the holiday,
I finally decided to try designing a Holiday Girl version of it.
So now she's offically part of my Holiday Girls series that I started in 2007
(see my Holiday Girls page).

Was thinking of doing a witch at first but then she kinda ended up turning into a black cat.

Maybe it's not blantantly halloweeny but I think is still gives you and idea of which holiday she is.

Also I think I may be getting a bit better with backgrounds.
Well least I hope so.
That and her hands were the two parts I spent the most time working on.

Oh also not sure what name I should give her yet but I think I'm gonna call her Candy or Candy Cat (like candy corn) for now.

Hope you all like it and have a good holiday. ^^

Comments and Constructive Criticism Welcome

Picture and Character Created By: AJV (Me)


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