Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My MineCraft Colosseum!

Hi guys! Today I thought I'd show you all a little big thing I've been working on since last Monday when the new update was released for awesome building game on the Xbox 360 (Originally a computer game) called MineCraft!

With the new update came a few new cool things but my favorite of them all:
Creative Mode.
Now this mode is special because unlike the regular mode where you have mine your own blocks and materials (like Wood,Stone,Iron,Gold, Diamond, and etc..), in this mode you are given and infinite amount of every kind of block in the game. Making it easier and less time consuming (getting the actual blocks to build with anyway) and creating endless possibilities!
As you can see with my Colosseum.
Which is rather large as you'll be able to see after the jump as we take a look of it from above the ground after the jump!

Let the tour begin!

First some more views of it from the above and outside of Colosseum!
Much higher above the Colosseum

Sitting in the very back row as someone in the audience

Also I should mention that when one join my world they are automatically put into the Colosseum as on of my Gladiators that must fight various monsters that MineCraft has to offer in it's Survival Mode if they ever hope to escape!
Here we have the first thing they see when entering my world is the inside of  my Colosseum and my Kingly (or Emperor's?) Viewing booth where I watch as they are forced to fight the monsters for my amusement.

To the left there is the gates where the mosters come in to the Colosseum from the dark underground labyrinth that's filled with mosters, traps, and dead ends (which I'll try to take pics or video of next time).
Also you can see a cloud that has a columns built on it.
To the right is the Gladiator's Counters where there are chest filed with weapons and armor that can be used to fight the monsters or each other.
There's me as the King watching from my booth the carnage that is taking place below.
This is what the inside of my both looks like. Hehehe. I think it's fit for a king.
This here is where the audience are to go in order to watch the Gladiator games.
Here is another view of the Gladiator's Courters.
Here is where the monsters come out from beneath the Colosseum's Labyrinth. Please do not feed the monsters.

Remember that cloud? Well here's what's on top of it.

Here's a view of the Colosseum from a when one is standing of the edge of the cloud. Breathetaking isn't it?
A Village ( also new to this update which are like lil towns that I alredy built on the map) that's further away from the Colosseum which I have begun to build off of in order to make it a city.
Here is an abandoned well that is directly connected to the Colosseum.
There's a better view of some Columns that I made.
Some buliding that I created that are right outside the Colosseum.

Well that's the last of the tour (for now since there is so much more...) and I hope you all liked what cha saw.

See ya next time!


  1. WoW Minecraft get a life

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  3. Very cool! Check out this guide if you want some juicy Minecraft secrets and techniques:

  4. Hey i'm a huge scale builder too. Made a huge fortress.About 4-5 of your colosseum's could fit in it. Want to work on something? Add. Just Leading