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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Minimates Review: Deadpool and Dante

Hi there!
This here is my review of the Minimates that came out a little while back
that are from the crossover fighting game: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

That includes Marvel's Deadpool and Capcom's Dante

 For those of you who don't know what Minimates are:
Minimates are 2 inch Lego-like action figures that have 14 points of articulation, have interchangeable parts, and have various lines like Marvel, Ghost Busters, Halo, and more to choose from.

Anyway find out my thoughts on these minimates after the jump!


The first one from the set is Marvel Comic's popular Merc with a Mouth (unless you watched Wolverine: Origins. lol) that was on the Weapon X program with famous heroes and villains like Wolverine and Sabretooth and is know to be an occasional 4th wall breaker: Deadpool 

 Now truth be told, I don't really read comic books,even when I was a kid I didn't. Though I've always liked superheros like: Spiderman,Wolverine, Batman, and plenty of others.   I mostly know about comics from cartoons and movies. ^^; Oh and from the internet. 

So I don't know Deadpool that well as a character but I do in a sense thanks to Wikipedia and etc.         

Anyway enough of that! On to the actual Minimate itself.

It's pretty much a standard minimate body with some leg guards (I don't know what they're called),wrist pieces, and a belt. When a minimate of Deadpool first came out, it had a slip-over mask so you could reveal his secret identity (or whatever that was under there XD ) but here it's mask is the actual head. That's not a bad thing since even though he's a simple looking minimate, he's very detailed and colorful.

He just looks really cool and stands out. 

It's something when the makers (DST) can make something so simple yet detailed and very playable since he's not boggled down by lots of sculpted pieces. Now I like sculpted pieces but I think lately with some of their minimates, they've gone a little overboard and made them less minimate-like in a sense (like the Iron Man 3 and Halo Minimates).

So something like this shows that they don't have to go totally crazy to make an accurate minimate with a bunch of sculpted parts when some simple minimates really do work.Anyway, he also comes with two swords (as pictured) and two silver pistols. All of which fit in his hands nicely and aren't to tight or too loose when he's holding them. 

Overall as you might be able to tell, I really like this minimate.
It's simple but it's detailed and has a nice amount of accessories. A great minimate in my opinion.


Next up is the second son of the demon Sparda, whom rebelled against his master to side with the humans and a human woman, that was born as a demon/human hybrid. Now he's a demon hunting mercenary that's attempting to avenge his mother’s death and brother’s corruption as he combines his swordplay and shooting skills.

From the Devil My Cry series, it's the cocky and stylish: Dante

Now I don't know much about the character since I really haven't play the Devil May Cry games (sept for the DMC4 demo) but even so, Dante has a very distinct look and style about him that is usually recognizable. This minimate really captures Dante's look really well.

Now even though when I was taking about Deadpool and how I was all like: "Simple is Better!!",

I think it's maybe something that should be done in moderation, since I think they added just enough sculpted parts (that were done quite nicely I must say) without over doing it in my opinion. The detailing on said parts are really nice. I love his jacket and think it's really cool. Though it does restrict movement somewhat,but it's not unplayable. His hair is also nice. The detailing on the minimate itself is good too. Like his pants, it's neat with the boots and things.


Also for his accessories, he comes with a sword (I believe it's probably some kinda special sword but I don't know. >.<) and two silver pistols. I like the sword and how detailed it is, with a skull right at the above the hilt and how sharp the blade appears (it's not, so it's safe for kids!).


Overall even though I never played any game that he's appeared in and I suppose thanks to that,

 have to attachment to the actual character,

I must say in spite of  all that...I really like this minimate a lot!

The Minimates with their accessories

Overall this pack is a great two pack of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 minimates.

So if you like any of the characters or the game or minmates in general and would totally recommend you pick up this pack at your local comic shop or Toys R Us or wherever minimates are sold!

Sorry I don't have packaging pictures but my camera refused to take any that didn't look like crap. -.-

Next time (or the time after that..) I'll be able to get some packaging pics.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading the review and checking out my pics.

Later! : )

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