Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tale of Soul and Swords...Eternally retold! My First Tournament!

With today's tale being of my first time entering and competing in a
Soul Calibur 4 Online tournament.
You can watch my journey unfold in the videos below. Also is you want to see the whole tournament be sure to check out Punisher15 64's channel as he uploads the rest of the matches. Be sure to let 'em know AJV sent cha. ;) 

I was pretty nervous that I'd lose my first match and look terrible...but fate had other plans! 
Otherwise I'd have to say that for my first tournament, I did alright thankfully. Could've been much worse.. 
I don't take it personally but I was surprised that I was expected to be the absolute worst out of the other players. Though it seems I surprised them and I'm glad I lasted as long as I did. Had some great matches with IXI Kujo IXI ,Extremedarkvoid (a friend of mine actually),Xlan59 (the best match I had with IMHO), and Aion Strife.Some of my other friends where in it too, like TheWoncho and DeonIV. ^^

Overall it was a cool experience and I wouldn't mind doing it again sometime for Soul Calibur 5. 

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