Monday, January 9, 2012

BrickArms Review: Part 1

Hi there and welcome to my review of BrickArms items that I recently purchased for the first time.

BrickArms specializes in making custom accessories for LEGO® Minifigures.
Like World War 1 & 2,Sci-fi, Video Games: Guns,Helmets, and other accessories.
They have a few Medieval things too like swords.
My Order. ( :
Though if you're looking for those kinda of things there are other sites that specialize in Medieval weaponry more so then modern weaponry.
This year (Jan 2nd 2012) I made my first order from one of their resellers G.I. Brick and I had no problem ordering from them and my package came in the mail sooner then expected (Jan 5th 2012)!

Read my thoughts and see these weapons in action in the pictures after the jump!

It's gonna be a slightly short (In My Opinion) review since The overall quality is Lego-like.
They can be held by Lego Figures quite well and have a nice and tight fit, as do the Helmets.
The detail is great and are quite accurate since most are based on real weaponry (...well and some Sci-fi), yet not overly detailed and fits in with Lego figures and sets nearly flawlessly.
As you will see in the rest of the review in the pictures below:

My WW2 Minifigs are well armed. ; )
Starting from the left, we have the AK Assault Rifle. It's a weapon I've always thought was cool since the days when I collected (well I still do...just not as much) G.I.-Joe Action Figures and when it came with the Cobra Trooper.I'm happy to finally have this gun to arm my little Lego men with.

In the middle, is my quickly made Stormtrooper (no not the STAR WARS kind, silly) that is equipped with an AK Assault Rifle and is wearing a Stahlhelm. Now most have you probably don't know this (well you will in a sec), but I really like the uniforms that the German Stormtroopers wore during WW2. (That's all! Just looks! Ok!? >.< ) Their helmets being one of my favorite parts of it.
Now that I have a Lego version of it, I think it looks quite accurate and looks very good on a minifig.

On the right is the RPG (no not Role Playing Game) is not the most detailed but it looks cool and simple.
I like it.
It's Attack of the Clones! And they're armed to the teeth! XD
In this picture are the guns that I think are kinda on the Sci-Fi side of things.
On the left is the M41A Pulse Rifle. Ever since I saw it, I always wanted it since I thought it would look really cool with Modern,Sci-Fi, or even Star Wars minifigs.
I believe it's from the movie Aliens that came out in 1986 which I've never watched (yet...).
Anyway I think I was right since it's one of my favorite weapons out of the bunch cus it's so cool looking and stuff!

Over in the middle is the AC8 (Assault Carbine Model 8).
It's a modern weapon but I think it works pretty well as a Sci-Fi weapon too. Though maybe not Star Wars, but something like Halo probably. Though regardless I think it's very detailed (as most of them are) and cool looking.

On the right is the HCSR (High Caliber Sniper Rifle).
This gun is very cool looking and could easily fit in with your Sci-Fi (even Star Wars I think), Modern, and Video Game (like Halo) setups. Another thing I like about most of their guns,rifles, and etc.. is that the minifigs can look into the scope.  Also the Bipod was sold separately and I'm glad I got it because it makes this sniper rifle look even cooler!

Even in the Dark Ages they were well armed.

Here is my Claymore in Gunmetal color. It's color matches pretty well with Lego's new dark metal color. As for the sword itself, I like it very much. Though at first I wasn't sure about the hand guards (um..above the hilt) because they looked so thin and I thought it might be easily breakable. But the blade is too but it looks (and is) quite sharp and it does seem sturdy. There is a lot of detail in this little (or not so little) sword.

On the right is the GunBlade in gunmetal color. Now I like how it looks and stuff, but the only thing that I'm not too fond of the position of the gun on the handle since (as you can compare in the picture) in order for the minifig to point the gun, it's arm has to be considerably lower than how they would normal hold a gun. Other than that I like it and I think it's unique and cool weapon.

Now the one on the right is the Auto-9 . I'm not sure if I'm right but it looks a lot like the gun that RoboCop carried around and shot people with. I remember it well because I used to have the action figures from it back in the day. Anyway, really like it and who knows...maybe one day I'll make a RoboCop to use it. Cus this gun looks like it could pack a punch.

I didn't plan it but it would seem that this ended up being Part 1 of my two part BrickArms review.
So be sure to come back soon to see the rest of the goodies I received and to hear my thoughts on them.

Thanks for reading.

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