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What I'm Watchig: Anime

Hi there!
Since I talked about what American Cartoons I've been watching in my last post,
I thought this time around I'd talk about what anime series I'm watching at the moment.

Find out what I'm watchin' after the jump!


 It's about a teenager named Ichigo Kurosaki who can see ghost, who then meets a Soul Reaper (grim reaper) named Rukia Kuchiki (my favorite character from the series) after a Hollow (a dangerous lost soul) tries to attack his family. A weakened Rukia gives Ichigo her Soul Reaper powers so he could defeat the Hollow and defend his family, thus becoming the Substitute Soul Reaper.

You know, Bleach was one of the mainstream series that I took the longest getting into.
Not exactly sure why but once I watched the first episode I never looked back.
Though it's got it fare share of filler episodes (though not as many as Naruto), it's been a entertaining and exciting experience so far.  
Lately it's been pretty good though a little slow at times.
After getting into this series, I can see why it's popular.
It's got a good cast of characters, villains (though there's one that seems a little over powered), and storyline.
So if you ever wanna watch (legally and for free) the latest episodes of BLEACH head on over to

Iron Man
Ever since the first Iron Man movie, I've become a real fan of the Iron Man.
So when the first trailer for the anime came out I was excited
Then the second trailer came out...let's just say that the art and style went down a few notches in my opinion.

Now I've been watching the anime which I think is pretty good but isn't what I was waiting for.
First, the Iron Man armor is CGI instead of being drawn (like in the first trailer) and it doesn't really blend all that well with the rest of the style of the anime.
While I'm talking about style, I'm not too crazy about how the characters a drawn but I've warmed up the style in which their drawn in.
Kinda reminds me of Death Note in that regard,though it's maybe a bit more detailed.
I'm not really sure how to describe it.
The story's ok, though it seems like most anime have to take place in Japan (nothing wrong with that) including this one.
The reason I even bring that up is because I thought Iron Man would be going around the world (like Paris) fighting villains and stuff.
But Iron Man being in Japan makes sense (story wise) and isn't such a bad thing.
Also he's still fighting villains which is always a plus.

With all that said, I think it's a pretty good anime and it  kinda feels like an expansion to the Iron Man movies.

The World Only God Knows
Let me start off by letting you all know what I thought the series was going to be when it was first announced to be getting an Anime.

Well...What I Thought:

 "It's set in a dark and grim world with little color about a man with god-like knowledge who knows all.
Having a realistic style almost Death Note looking that it's story has to do with solving crimes and mysterious murders."

What It Actually Is:
It's about a rather smart yet kinda anti-social  high school student named Keima who's known as the "god of conquest" for he's conquered countless girls hearts...2D girls from Dating Simulation Games that is! 8D
He then receives an email offering him a contract to "capture" girls. Thinking is was a challenge to a game he accepts though to his surprise, a demon from Hell named Elsie (who's a little cutie pie! -^^-) appears before him and ask for his cooperation in capturing Loose Soul that hide themselves in the hearts of girls by conquering their hearts and making them fall in love with him. Even though he only likes anime girls, he got no choice because if he breaks the contract he and Elsie will be beheaded if they fail.

It's got a unique story, interesting and cute characters, and humor.
Though at first it seemed like it was gonna be like each week he'd get a girl and move on to the next one which could've become a bit repetitive. But there's a bit more to it than that and when "conquering" the girls their stories are a bit more drawn out and their characteristics more fleshed out, letting you get to know each of them a little more. Also how the two main characters (Keima and Elsie) interact with each other is cute,interesting, and humorous.

I'd say I like it with it's humor and cuteness with a little bit of seriousness sprinkled in for good measure.

If you wanna check it out (legally and for free) head on over to

From the creator of the Death Note Manga/Anime series comes a new series that's quite different than it's murder mystery,thought provoking,twist and turn predecessor.
That happens to be a good thing however. Not that I didn't like Death Note because I did very much so but seeing that the creator can make a story and characters that are nearly good as the previous story in their own special way impresses me.

As for what it's about: It's about two 9th grade boys Moritaka Mashiro (an artist) and Akito Takagi (a writer)
who join forces in order to fulfill each others dreams to become mangaka.
Now it might not sound too exciting but surprisingly enough  it can be at times as you get a bit of an inside look on what it takes to get into the Manga industry. It's got a interesting cast of characters and side characters, and bit of depth in the story department.
So far it seems to be a good series and seems to be getting better as it progresses.
It's not Death Note, but it's still pretty darn good.

Sora no Otoshimono Forte

I'll admit it, I've watched the first season of the this totally perverse comedy series and I have continued to watch it even till the second season. -^^-
I'm not usually into this kind of series but I did like the art and towards the end of first season it started to get
pretty good with it's story  and plot becoming a bit more serious and interesting.

Now it's about a lazy (and a bit perverted) high school student named Tomoki Sakurai who happens to
encounter a fallen Angeloid named Ikaros, who soon becomes his servant granting him anything he wants.
Hilarity and chaos ensues because like Uncle Ben (from Spider Man) said:
"With great power comes great responsibility" but Tomoki isn't exactly the responsible type.

Now the second season begins where the first left off and introduces another Angeloid named Astraea.
I think the second season has moved along the story and the plot is beginning to unfold  (though mostly after the credits and few episodes). Of course it still has it's perverse humor and fanservice but it is starting to get a bit more serious and interesting. It's cast of characters are drawn well and interesting with their own distinct personalities.
So far I'm liking the second season a little more than the first. I think this series is getting better after each passing episode.
If you ever want to check it out, you might want to start from the first season and work your way up to the second in order to avoid confusion.

Panty and Stocking with Garterblet
Is the Powerpuff Girls on crack and hallucinogenics.
That's a short explanation anyway.
Animated and produced by Gainax  who has brought to life series like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gurren Lagann, and plenty of others. Now as for Panty and Stocking, it's very different looking and less anime-like then any of their other works. It's art is inspired  by and a parody of American cartoons and even the episode format is very much like your average American cartoon.

It's story is about two fallen "angels" named Panty (who always has sex on the brain) and Stocking (who's a goth that loves sweets) on a mission to destroy ghost and gather Heaven coins in order to get back into Heaven, under the instruction of the afro sporting priest: Garterblet.
It has it's share of crude (and non crude) humor,action, and a story.
Most episodes are kinda like stand alone episodes having no connection to each other but as the series progresses things start to seem more anime-like (at least in story telling).
Also certain scenes here and there are drawn in anime style and usually look sharp.
I like the series because it's fun and unique and I think it's getting better as it progresses.

Well that's all for today folks,
hope you enjoyed reading my little (maybe not so little) article.

So what Anime are you watching?

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