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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Review

Hello Everyone and
Welcome to my Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Review.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2?
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 is the sequel to the first Force Unleashed game that put you in the shoes of Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice: Starkiller.
But there's a twist this time around.
If you saw the ending to the last one, then you know you shouldn't even be playin' as Starkiller.
Though it would seem that Darth Vader thought ahead of time and decided to clone Starkiller and make an army of super powerful Sith. You're a clone that rebels against Darth Vader and goes on a quest to reunite with the love of his life (or previous life): Juno Eclipse.
I'm serious...that's what really drives the story,but I'll get to that in a sec.

Now that I played it after renting it (like I did the first one) I think I can still properly review it since I've already beat it.
(Rented it Thursday night and played it a little,played it Friday night, and then, beat it Saturday morning after an hour of playing)

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   * Graphics
     Of course like the previous installment, the graphics are really good and life like.
   * Sound
      The voice acting is good though one thing I found odd is that when you use "Mind Trick" Starkiller's voice is very different...more evilish than normal. The music and sound effects were done well.

    * Gameplay
      It's very easy to pick up and play. Now unlike the first one, you have all your Force powers unlocked and at your disposal.
Also now when you kill enemies you get skill points that you can use to upgrade your Force powers like for example:
Level 1 Force Grab lets you grad one object (or person) at a time, while Level 2 let you grad two at a time and Level 3 let's you grab three of more at a time.
Like the first, it's a lot of fun Unleashing The Force by pushing,throwing,and electrocuting your enemies.
Though my favorite thing to do is grab enemies and throw them around and stuff since I like to play with my food Storm Troopers.


    * Story
      I think the story this time around is still good but I don't think it beats the first one in that department sadly. It just doesn't seem as epic as the first one. I don't want to spoil anything for those who might not have played it yet but I think that they (Lucas Arts) made it too much about a story of romance (and I love romance) and it just seemed kind of forced (no pun intended actually it was).
The Darkside ending is my fav this time around and it seems like it could have actually happened without it being a alternate universe thing unlike first Darkside ending.
The Lightside is still good too though.
Also I was disappointed on how they portrayed Darth Vader (my all time Favorite Character)because he wasn't as awesome as he should've been, not even close. Yoda's appearance was more of a cameo than anything else and Dagobah was a dumb level. :'(

The story seemed much shorter, maybe even more sped up...I'm not exactly sure how to describe it.
But sadly like I expected, the game itself is very short. Maybe even shorter than the first.

Glad I only paid $9.54 to rent it than to have paid $60.00 for a game I probably wouldn't play again.
    * Training
      It's a good place to practice and learn new moves and other stuff.
Challenges are small levels (I think there's about 10 of them) that test your combat and force using skills. You can get either a Bronze,Silver, Gold, or Platinum. It has a score board that hooks up to Xbox Live so you can compete and compare with your friends. They're pretty fun and add a little more to the game.

    * Other Stuff
      Things like Videos,Pictures, Concept Art, and other stuff like that can be found here, though it doesn't add much to the gameplay experience.

Other Features

    * The Force
      As it's namesake, that's the main draw to the game. Being able to use the Force in awesome "Movie-like"  and "DBZ-like" ways.
      Also I love Force Grabbin' Storm Trooper and throwing them off ledges. So fun!
    * Cheats
      Us passwords to unlock things like invincibility, different costumes, and other neat unlockables.
      Though I can proudly say that I never used and cheats! ^^
       Like the first, It has plenty of costumes to choose from as you unlock them as you play through the story and complete the challenges and unlock secrets.


  * Violence
      You use a Lightsaber to slice and impound enemies and you use the Force to electrocute, pull,grad, and throw around...
       So yeah, there's some violence. Also since it's Star Wars, there's no blood but this time around to make it more realistic there's bodily dismemberment.
    * Sexual Content
      Even though the story is about Starkiller reuniting with his long lost love, I don't believe there's really any sexual content except that they kiss once or twice.


    * Rent It
      If you really wanna Unleash the Force, I'd say try it out first and see what you think before buying since it's a short game.
       And 60 buck is a lot to cough up if you know what I mean.
    * Age to Play
      It's rated T-For-Teen by the ESRB which means 13 and up, I'd recommend you just go by the rating.


All and all it was a fun ride with it's ups and downs.
It's combat and force powers have improved but enemies have become somewhat repetitive and don't have as many
different kinds to fight (like the first) though now each one has a specific way you have to kill them (unlike the first).
The graphics and cut scenes were great, but the story could have been better.
Challenge mode is a neat addition to the game as is the way you can level up your Force powers.
I still think it's a fun game overall and I did enjoy it but it could've (and should've) been better.

I'm gonna give it an 8 out of 10.

Hope you all enjoyed reading my review. ^^

So do you
Agree? Disagree?
Let's hear what you all think in the comments section.

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