Friday, November 12, 2010

Fanart and FanFilm Friday! Yahoo!

Hello There and Welcome to this Special Edition of Fanart (and FanFilm) Fridays!
It's two new things for the price of one! 8D
First off we my Second Official Rosario + Vampire Fanart!

Click on the Picture for Description and to (of course) see it bigger. : )
As for the Film part of this post
Here's a Trailer for my latest animated film that's coming out soon:

"GI-Joe saved the world and all is calm, but there's always a calm before the storm."

Here's the official trailer for my latest animation project:
GI-JOE: The Clam Before The Storm
It's my first animating with Hasbro's GI-JOE Action Figures and it's been am interesting experience.

Maybe it's more of a teaser trailer than an actual trailer since I tried my hardest not to spoil the whole story in the trailer. ^^;

Anyway, Hope you all enjoy
and be sure to check my Youtube Channel  to see the full length movie.

          See Ya All Later! ;D

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