Sunday, April 18, 2010

Iron Man 2 Minimates Review: Senate Hearing Tony Stark and Mark I Iron Man

 For those of you who don't know what Minimates are:
Minimates are 2 inch Lego-like action figures that have 14 points of articulation, have interchangeable parts, and have various lines like Marvel, Ghost Busters, Star Trek, and more to choose from.

This pack is from the Toys R Us assortment that contains four different packs including two exclusives that are not available anywhere else.
Today I will be reviewing the first Toys R Us exclusive pack that comes with
Senate Hearing Tony Stark and Mark I Iron Man

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Senate Hearing Tony Stark
This is how billionaire play boy Tony Stark (who's also Iron Man) appears in the Senate Hearing Scene where the US Gov. tries to take possession of the Iron Man Armor.
It's been shown in the trailers and from what I've seen I believe I'll hilariously interesting.I just love how Tony acts in this scene, he's just full of himself.
As for the Minimate, I think it captures how he looks in the movie quite well.
Especially his face.
I like that they gave him a sculpted tie instead of printing it on the torso, because it really stands out.
They also gave him a belt which adds a little more detail.
The Minimate is not overly detailed but it has just enough.

Mark I Iron Man
The Mark I is Tony's first Iron Man Armor he made in the first Iron Man movie in order to escape the terrorist that held him captured and wanted him to make them weapons.
The armor is highly detailed and even though it's bulky looking, it's very palyable.
The Mark I was released in the first Iron Man movie wave 2 years ago (2008) when the movie came out but there are some differences between the two minimates.

First there colors: Mark I (2008 Release) on the left is all silver and has a tan arc reactor while this years release of the Mark I (2010) on the right is color is more of a gun metal dark wash silvery color (I can't think of the name ^^;).
Also the new version does not have skin tone arms.
Armor this time around seems more accurate to how it appeared in the first film then it's previous release.
But what's under the Armor might surprise you.
It's Tony Stark in a suit as seen when he arrives at the Stark Expo after the Iron Man armor is removed.
I think it's really cool that they did that. It really adds playability to the minimate, being able to transform it and all.
One thing I had a problem with was getting the left boot off the leg. It took my like 30 minutes or something to get it off without breaking his leg.
Thanks to having an extra black minimate on hand, I was able to keep Tony Stark in the suit and in the armor at the same time.
Now it's like I got three new minimates.
Overall it's a nice pack that comes a nice set of Minimates which I would recommend to those who:
  • Missed out on the first Mark I
  • Want to add another armor to their growing Iron Man Minimate collections
  • Want Minimates from the new Iron Man movie.
When I saw pictures of this pack, I believed this was one pack I might skip since I have a Mark I already and I didn't think I needed another. Once I saw pictures of what was underneath all that armor, I decided it was different enough from the first release to purchase.
I'm glad I did.

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