Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Youtube causing Problems.

Well basically I started to have a problem with Youtube last year when I posted my Lego Bleach Video which then was removed a few days later.
After that I didn't seem to have any problems with the videos I had uploaded.

Not even with the first new film I posted earlier this year ( Lego Soul Calibur5 ) did I have any problems.

Until Sept 18th of this year, when I went to post my latest animation on to Youtube did I find out that it was blocked as soon as I uploaded it.
Not only that, but that some of my videos were now removed (Like my Obama Vs. McCain video) and some of my videos are now muted (Like my  G.I.-JOE Animated Movie ) too!

For the moment I am working on my Vimeo page and uploading videos that were either blocked or muted plus some videos never released to the public...until now!

So there might be a way to turn this bad situation into a good one.

I will keep you all informed as best I can, so please stay tuned!

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