Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bad News about one of my Latest Videos

Some of you might remember that I posted a Lego Bleach animation on Youtube some time back.
Well I woke this morning to an email stating that I may have content that is owned or licensed by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc..and that no action was required on my part.
However, learning how this affected my video, I was not pleased. They took the sound off (Music from Bleach's 2nd Opening) which is what makes the video. I'm quite frustrated because people can put up AMVs (Anime Music Videos), Full fricken movies, and anything else you can imagine (even corn)! >.<
Yet I put up something like this which is a Lego animation with music from the series in which the custom minifigures are from that I worked very hard on and this is the crap I get!?

If anyone has any ideas on what I could do to save it, please let me know.
It would be totally appreciated.

Thanks for read what is (I guess) my first real rant post.

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  1. There's a couple of ways to look at this. One is the natural reaction you have, and the other one is, someone is interested in what you are making too. So sometimes it may be difficult to interpret how to see these things. I really don't belive it was a personal attack exactally.
    It seems more like a new avenue to explore. Such as, how to get rights reserved. Who to talk to, what will it take to complete this. I mean after all, this also is a part of the art.