Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WIP Wednesdays: Cosplay Edition!

Been quite some time, hasn't it?
Well you're about to know why soon enough.

Me & Grell
With most of my free time, I've been working on making a costume for handsome and beautiful yet kinda crazy and totally sexy Grim Reaper:
     Grell Sutcliff (from Black Butler)

Ever since I saw Grell, I've been totally into him.
He's just so cool and funny.
I just love his bubbly and sexy personality.
Also he uses a chainsaw which is pretty neat.
His outfit too is quite stylish. ^^

So this my Grell costume that I'm working on that will have it's debut at this summer's SuperCon.
See more pics after the jump.

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 First time wearing a wig and all I can say is that I love it! ♥
 When I go to style it and get these pesky knots out I bet it'll look even better. :)
Never knew how fun it was to wear wigs til now.

I was originally going to sew the jacket form scratch with a pattern I had bought but I decided to scrap that idea and went to Goodwill and found this jacket which will need some minor re-hemming and some other stuff but I think it'll work.

Bought some high-heels from Khols for a good price.
It's gonna take some getting used to walking around in these, but I think I'll be able to do it.
Just gotta brake these bad boys in. ;)

Also Got some gloves from the dollar store that are more user-friendly than my leather gloves seen in some of my previous pics. Got a nice pair of glasses that are a bit more red than the previous ones that I had (see the pic without the wig to see what I mean) with a nice glasses chain too.

The shirt, vest, and pants I found in my closet and worked my way up from there.
It's not exactly like the reference pics but I'm trying to get it as close to the source material as possible.
Just a comparison picture of what I have so far
What I have so far:
White Shirt
Glasses (bought from the dollar store)
Glasses Chain (same as above)
Jacket Pattern 
Jacket (Needs to be hemmed and slightly modified)
Wig (thinking of cutting it and of course styling it)
Shoes (High-heels that I got from Khols for a good price that I'm possibly going to modify)

What I need:
Teeth (not sure if I'll be able to find these in time...)
Chainsaw (making a prototype at the moment)
Red and White Necktie Ribbon Thingy (Don't know what it's called ^^; )

So I thought I'd give you all an update as to what I've been up to and stuff.
Check back soon for more updates and "Like" me on Facebook to get the latest scoop. :D

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