Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's been 30 days since...

I started my fast from gaming for Lent 
(I explained it as best as I could here ).

So far I haven't really played any games
(except for I think once or twice but it wasn't at home).
  Guess I've done pretty well so far.
     Well, Ain't that swell! ; )
Surprisingly enough, I haven't really missed it too much,
though of course at times when I think about it I do kinda miss it.
 Maybe it's like that saying "Out of sight out of mind".
There's been a few times where I really just wanted to play some video games because I didn't know what to do with myself because I was too tired to do the other things that I like to do.

I think in a way it was good for me to stop for awhile and do other things with my spare time like customizing,drawing,watching TV, and stuff. Maybe I'll come to appreciate it more now that I've been off of it for so long and be a more moderate gamer (Yeah... I had gotten kinda addicted).

Oh yeah,
 Be sure to come back tomorrow (Friday) because I'll be posting something that's related to a certain
video game and an anime.

So see ya then! ;D

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  1. Good for you! Yeah, fasting shines light on many things :) I was fasting from eating chocolate... wow... it was tough... really tough...