Wednesday, March 30, 2011

R-Style Gurren Lagann Nia Figure Review

 Hello and Welcome to my Review of the R-Style Gurren Lagann Nia Figure
While on my latest trip to the comic shop (last time I went there I got the Toyami Kakahsi figure) I looked around the store but nothing really jumped out at me...until I looked over at the Trading Figures (not exactly sure that's what they're called) Section, and low and behold there I saw one lonely Gurren Lagann R-Style box.

More Pictures After the Jump!

Seeing that the characters that could be inside like Yoko ,Nia ,and Space Yoko looked so cute, I decided to grab it. Even though each character has a number (Yoko's 1, Nia's 2, and Space Yoko's 3) I was actually surprised when I got Nia. ^^;
Even though Nia's not necessarily a favorite character of mine I can't deny how totally cute she is!

She comes in four parts: Head,Body, Boota (the small pig-mole), the and Stand.
Some assembly required. ;)
But putting her together was very easy.
Sorry I don't have pics of here before she was put together but I put her together right after I left the comic shop. Gosh, even when I was a kid I used to wait til I got home before opening my stuff but I guess I just had to see what was inside. -^^-

The Sculpt is nicely done and so is the paint job. The colors are very vibrant and yet soft.
She looks pretty accurate to how she appeared in the Anime.
She has a ball joint that can turn and go up and down a little
The Quality is very good and it doesn't feel (or look) junky at all.
The Price was pretty fair in my opinion since she was about $10.00 plus tax
All and All, She's an affordable figure that looks absolutely adorable with a good sculpt and paint job, that now has a special place in my small (yet slowly growing) anime figure collection.
 So if you like:
Gurren Lagann
Cute Stuff
Affordable Anime Figures
and Good Looking Ones

Then I'd recommend you pick her up.

 Thanks for reading! Hope my little review enjoyable. : )

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